WhatsApp is going to Stop supporting old iPhones, Check Details


Over the next month, WhatsApp will discontinue support for earlier iOS versions such as iOS 10, iOS 11, iPhone 5, & 5C. WhatsApp has confirmed the termination of compatibility from earlier versions of iOS running inside former iPhones for safety reasons. Along, with other apps alter their safety devices and update to adopt new improvements or better the protection and stability of their customers.

Several WhatsApp in-app functions will be unavailable to iPhone users using outdated iOS versions. Emojis and payment may be among the features that may cease to function, but no official announcement has been made. WhatsApp also does this to maintain the Android environment up to date.

WABetaInfo Report:

WhatsApp will cease to function for the aforementioned old iPhones on October 24, 2022, according to WhatsApp analyst WABetaInfo. Subscribers have five months to update their iOS devices. To fully utilize WhatsApp’s capabilities, you’ll need to have iOS 12 or higher.

WhatsApp on old iPhones

The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C are not available for ios 12. So, these users will be unable to use WhatsApp in the future. The Meta-backed app hopes that by making this change. Moreover, it would improve the security of the conversation and other in-app functions.

Which iOS version on iPhones will not support WhatsApp in the future?

The iOS 15 software should be compatible with the vast majority of new iPhones. During its WWDC 2022 upcoming event, the Cupertino-based tech firm is scheduled to announce an iOS upgrade that will run the next-generation iPhone dubbed the iPhone 14 series.

Although WhatsApp intends to drop support for a few iPhone models, this is unlikely to affect many users. This is due to the discontinuation of support for very old iPhone variants, which are expected to be used by a small number of people at this moment.

To stay using WhatsApp without disruption on iPhones and to receive the most recent security update and features. It is a great idea to upgrade your iPhone to the most latest software release. Before you update your iPhone, make sure it’s linked to a reliable Wifi connection and that all of your personal and business data is backed up.

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