CBSE Class 10 Results Are to Be Out by June 20th: Here Are Everything You Need to Know about Criteria for Marks Distribution

CBSE Class 10 Results Are to Be Out by June 20th: Here Are Everything You Need to Know about Criteria for Marks Distribution

On Saturday, CBSE made an official announcement regarding how its going to tackle the marks distribution system for class 10 students after another lockdown due to the second wave of COVID-19. 

Matters are crucial at the moment as CBSE has to promote class 10 students to class 11 without holding any final board exams. 

To over come this difficult time, CBSE has come up with a smart initiative to mark and rank its students. According to the official notice released by CBSE, students will be graded on 100 marks for each subject. This includes the 20 marks from internals. 

While CBSE has kept the internal marks same as always, it has come up with an innovative method to distribute the rest of the 80 marks in each subject.

CBSE Class 10


Here is everything you need to know about this new innovative initiative by CBSE for class 10 students:

  • Since the final board examination cannot be held, the assessment of 80 marks will be done by the respective schools itself. 
  • Marks scored by students in different class tests and exams that were conducted by the school will be taken into consideration.
  • No felony can be committed as the marks should be in consonance with the school’s previous performance in board exams.

The following exams will be considered for grading the students under 80 marks:

  • Unit tests conducted in school for 10 marks
  • Mid-term examinations for 30 marks
  • pre-board/revisions conducted by the school for 40 marks
  • Internals will be taken as usual for 20 marks

If the school has conducted more than one test or pre-board under each category of exams considered for grading students for 80 marks, then average of say three will be taken or the best performance out of the three sets will be considered or different weightage to each exam/test will be given as suitable. 

The grading and assessment committee involves a 8 member squad, where-in CBSE has asked schools to form a result committee that would consist of the principal and 7 other teachers.

According to the press statement, five teachers of different subjects- Mathematics, social science, science and 2 languages from the school will be working with 2 other teachers from neighboring schools. 

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While class 10 board exam stands cancelled, we still don’t know about the future of class 12 board examination that is set to be held during the month of may due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 


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