Can WhatsApp Chats Be Used as Evidence in Court? Delhi High Court Says This

Delhi High Court clarifies the law for using WhatsApp chats as evidence


The Delhi High Court recently addressed a crucial legal question regarding the evidentiary value of WhatsApp chats. In a landmark judgment, the court clarified that WhatsApp chats cannot be considered evidence without the necessary certification mandated by the Indian Evidence Act, 1872.

Can WhatsApp Chats Be Used as Evidence in Court? Delhi High Court Says This

The case involved Dell International Services India Private Limited, which challenged an order by the Delhi State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission. The commission had refused to accept Dell’s written statement, citing a delay beyond the limitation period. Dell submitted a screenshot of a conversation with the complainant, Adeel Firoz, to prove its point.


The Delhi High Court unequivocally stated that WhatsApp conversations must be accompanied by a proper certificate to be admissible evidence. Without this certification, they cannot be considered valid under the Evidence Act. The court emphasized that mere chat screenshots are insufficient; the required certification is essential.

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“Whatsapp conversations cannot be read as evidence without there being a proper certificate as mandated under the Evidence Act, 1872,” Bar and Bench quoted the Court.

In summary, the recent Delhi High Court ruling clarifies that WhatsApp chats can only serve as evidence if properly certified. Legal practitioners and litigants should be aware of this requirement when presenting such conversations in court proceedings.


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