Whatsapp to roll out new features to improve group video calls, animated stickers and more.

Whatsapp to roll out new features to improve group video calls, animated stickers and more

WhatsApp is bringing a variety of new highlights and features in its platform; so as to not only upgrade technology but also the means of communication. These features will be accessible across the globe by all the WhatsApp users. Earlier with the dark mode feature which was appraised; so here are some of the new exciting features WhatsApp is going to roll out publicly for you:

  1. Animated Stickers

WhatsApp new features are announced on Twitter that there will be ample of animated stickers rolled out for the users. This will induce engagement as well as inculcate a user friendly interface.

  1. Easier Add to Contact

WhatsApp is trying to make an easier interface for adding a contact. What you can do is, whenever you wish to add someone’s contact; all you need to do is scan a QR code. With just a simple scan of QR code, the contact will be automatically added. You won’t require to tap on “add contact” and then to your contact list.

  1. Whatsapp Group Video Calls Features

Other highlight comprises of video call, you can now add upto 8 people on your WhatsApp  video chat. Also, the company has made it simpler in a way with whomsoever you wish to video chat; you have to press it long enough which enlarges to full screen .

  1. Status Sharing

Apart from above mentioned features, KaiOS users can now share a status.  It will let them post stories and updates which disappears in period of 24 hours.

Whatsapp has also introduced dark mode for Android and iOS phones long ago but finally they have introduced this feature for Desktop users. All these new updates by the company is to make user free interface for its customers.

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