Fitness: Stretching To Remain Fit During Lockdown


Stretching is something usually not that hard and any individual who’s not on the worse of health can partake in the activity. This is why in a time of lockdown, where we are not allowed to go out and are stuck inside our homes, stretching can be our goto move for maintaining a healthy body.

Now, on the front where you’d get to ask what stretches, we can do in order to have a full-body workout. Then we got you covered there as well by giving out a set of exercises that can be performed by all and would bring in a good change in your life.


Neck and Shoulder Stretch

Starting with Neck and shoulder, you should aim to open up these areas of your body for full relaxation. Usually, Neck carries a huge amount of pressure during the day and is always stressed. The shoulder is the same. Which is why they need to be distressed.

Roll your neck onto every side in a spinning movement and slowly find your self easing into a comforting feeling where your neck’s tension slowly moves away.

The same is to be done with the shoulder blade as well, just rotate it and try to open up the closed joint and see that magic happening.


Forward Folds

Bending forwards and touching your toes is one exercise that is considered to be one of the most difficult exercises to do. But, it is also the one with the most benefits as it will untangle mostly every inch of your body including glutes, calves, back, arms, neck, and more.

Just sit on the ground and try to bend forward while keeping your legs grounded and in a straight position. Try to touch your toes with your hands for maximum benefits.


Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretches

If you’ve ever been to a gym or tried lunges then you might know that it’s hard already. And in yoga stretches, you need to do the same but hold onto the pose for on one leg rather than trying to do shift the weight from one leg to another.


Butterfly Poses Stretch

Butterfly pose is something that one wants to do as its quite a yoga pose to go for. The pose required you to join the legs and stretch in a seated position while not lifting them off the ground in order to get the maximum benefits.


Behind the Back Chest Openers

Sit on a chair or ground and bring in your hands with fingers locked into each other. Now, extend the arm forward and while moving it up above your head, shift it backward. Now try to extend it opposite to your chest making your back curl inside.

It makes your back and chest muscles relax and give them more definitions when worked for a long time.

Stretching not only helps your body to cool down after an intense workout but also helps to increase mobility in your body, prepare your body for your next workout regime. So next time make sure you plan your workout session following a good stretching regime.

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