6 Strength Training Exercises Benefits You Should Know About


Admit it! While all of us were locked inside our home during quarantine, most of us resolved to become fit do various home workouts like strength training, Zumba, pilates, etc, and take the baton to own a chiseled body in the future. But as time gone by, we all became dusty and foggy about it due to lack of motivation or gym equipment. 

Now, what if we tell you that besides all your work from the home regime or all boredom, there is still scope for the perfect body. You just have to try a fitness timetable for “Strength Training”. These exercises not only give you what you want but make you stronger in the long run. 

Strength training exercises are the normal version of the many advanced fitness goals which are meant to fatigue your body. These exercises are done at a much faster rate when compared to a normal workout. And such exercises are designed in a manner to improve strength and enhance endurance.

According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, adults who perform moderate or intense muscle-strengthening workouts at least twice in a week have more probability to be fit at 60 and above.  


Strength Training

Benefits of Strength Training:

Strength training has now become one of the most popular fitness regimes throughout the world. Many fitness gurus, celebrities, and gym-goers are opting for this versatile option to maintain their fitness until there are signs of normalcy. It is designed for both old and young blood and offers a tonne of benefits.

Cures Back Pain

Lower back problems are common to experience if you have a desk job. While taking regular breaks in-between your schedule may help it. But having a regular strength training exercise period could remove it once and for all. 


Improve Type-2 Diabetes

Importantly, Diabetes occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin. This sugary chemical when produced in lower quantity becomes harmful. To tackle such situations, a moderately intense workout could help you manage the insulin levels in your body. 


Improve Cardiovascular Health 

Studies show that people who often engage in such heavy-duty workout regimes are less prone to cardiovascular conditions. They are resilient to conditions like hypertension, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, and cancer. 

Keep Your Heart Healthy

Not only does a good workout keep your heart healthy, but an intense workout could bring out good bacterias as well. Studies suggest that pumping iron directly impacts the heart and improves blood circulation. 


Reduce Bone Loss and Helps to Overcome Osteoporosis

Osteopenia, a condition in which our body fails to make new bone, is a common problem among many. To overcome such issues, one can perform at least two intense exercise regimes every week. This will help your bones improve bone strength density. 


Tackle Mood Swings

Endorphin levels increase in your body during high-intensity workouts. These hormones regulate your mind and your overall thoughts.  Having good endorphin levels can boost your confidence, self-esteem, and provide good mental energy throughout the day.  

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Strength Training Exercise Time Table During Quarantine:

Some methods do not include the use of weights but are equally beneficial. Keep in mind to have a small warm-up time before such exercises for yourself. Having a warm-up before exercises could reduce the chances of injury. 


Here is a 20-minute strength training exercise for you while keeping it all indoors. 

Push-ups =Sets of 3× 6 to 8 reps each

Squats =Sets of 3× 6 to 8 reps each

Running =30 second running on your place; repeat it as per your physique

Plank = Hold your body straight for 30 seconds. Take deep breaths. Repeat 2 to 3 times. 

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