Best Types of Candles to Buy This Diwali With Flicker Flames


Diwali is right over our heads and in just a few days we’ll be celebrating this festival of lights with all the enthusiasm we have. Now, The festivals of lights cannot be celebrated until we actually illuminate our environment and homes with Diyas, Lights, Candles, and more.

While Diyas and Lights are the go-to for many households and they have limited options, this time the trend is little changing. Individuals who are in search of something new or let’s say want to make their homes even more aesthetically appealing this Diwali are switching buying to decorative Diwali candles itself.

In midst of all this, capturing the opportunity and delivering of the customer needs is a company called Flicker Flames. They are bringing innovations when it comes to candles and what you’ll get from them is not that white wax candles which we used up until now, but something more, something special and unique.

Best Types of Candles to Buy This Diwali With Flicker Flames

Starting from scented candles to pillar candles, jar candles, gel candles, taper candles, to votives, they cover all their bases when it comes to the illuminative decoration of your homes. Let’s take a look at the best type of candles decorated by Flicker Flames to buy this Diwali.


Pillar Candles

These are similar to your everyday candles which come in the shape of an erected pillar but at the same time, they are totally different too.

With unique designs and added decorative candles, they can be used to illuminate your surrounding while also making sure that anyone who comes in compliments the aesthetic appeal they provide.

Best Types of Candles to Buy This Diwali With Flicker Flames



Votive candles are very special in Christianity as they are used while praying to Jesus Christ to forward goodwill and wished to the almighty.

They add a different appeal to the environment and the votive holder makes sure to add more burn time and aesthetic appeal to the whole setup.

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Gel Candles

A Gel candle is a transparent candle that is made up of a mix of polymer resin and mineral oil and added colors. They come in packs in a transparent glass container and upon illumination give off different colors and adds a different shade to the whole mood.

Jar Candles

These are similar to the gel candles but instead of an open glass packing, they come in a jar for more aesthetic appeal. They are for long-standing use of the candles and the glass container is made up of materials that are heat-resistant, does not crack, and is not porous.

Best Types of Candles to Buy This Diwali With Flicker Flames


Candle Pot

A candle pot is a candle that comes in a decorative pot, jar or glass . This eliminates the need for a candleholder and the pot itself also doubles up as a decorative piece. Scented candle pots is a great way to make your home smell beautiful this Diwali by these amazing candles.


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