Checkout Best Home Automation Devices For Your Smarter Home

Smart homes are not just concepts of the future; it is the new reality of now. We’ve seen a surge in demand of home automation devices in recent years and it’s increasing progressively.

Starting with something as familiar as Alexa or Google Home devices, many urban homes have these days. To the recently launched Amazon plugs or Alexa Light Switch that make your standard device into a smart one, everything aims towards a smarter tomorrow.

In this up & coming sector, many solutions fail to provide their users with an enjoyable user experience, due to complicated set-up procedures and inconsistent devices which are unreliable. Imagine fiddling between which switch to on because you forgot to name them and waiting to customize something to your want but not having the option to do so.

Some companies have come up with comprehensive solutions that elevate the comfort of their user’s home and add to the home’s opulence.


Aliste Technologies is one such firm that aims to deliver a complete smart home solution for those looking to add to the comfort and luxury of their homes with best automation devices. They have done so with well crafted software which is easy to use which works in unison with high fidelity hardware.

How to get a smarter home with Aliste technologies

Their flagship product Sync makes a normal home into a smart home within a matter of minutes. Some of their differentiating features that you might not get anywhere according to the current market range are giving your electricity consumption estimates to geo-location based control of your home & even customizable accessories such as curtains & locks.

Yes! You can even control locks with the device. And elaborating on the electricity consumption breakage, you can check which device of yours makes up for most of your electricity bill, and get accurate prediction of next month’s electricity bill.

The control mechanism is simple as well, and they embedded the uber-popular Alexa/Google/Siri capabilities along with a system of their own.

If you’re using their home environment, it can give you excellent sound performance as it records a 0.2 seconds delay in reception rate, which is beyond commendable and is negligible in day-to-day situations.

Smart homes are not just a dream but have been adopted as a need of the hour. They look at how people want to spend their time, which is not trying to waste it on menial stuff. It makes the use of smart home a viable option.

The developed nations have started adapting to incorporating smart homes, and India has also started progressing in this field.

So, the next time you have a question saying, “Can I automate my existing home?”, you know where you need to head to. Yes! Aliste Technologies, you’ve guessed it right.

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