How to Easily Acquire International Citizenship Without Spending a Fortune or Time


How does the idea of getting a green card/citizenship for another country sound like to you? Does it excites you but also fills your mind space with another million questions? If yes, then just know that you’re not the first one and certainly not the only one, we all want that but confusion and question around the subject boggles us down.

Now, to demystify the fogged air around the subject, Yes! it is hard to get the citizenship of countries which are in high demand and in some other, you might have to pay a hefty sum for the same. But there’s a huge catch here.

What’s the catch, you ask, right?


Well! if you can put aside your dream of a one-bedroom apartment in a congested neighborhood in New York City while investing all your life savings into that, there might be other options open for you.

Yes! Caribbean countries are actually much more hospitable and in turn, can give you a green card pretty easily while also not charging hefty amounts from you. And that my friend is how you can turn yourself into a global citizen.

There are many countries on the list doing the same, some of the names are listed below:


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Antigua and Barbuda

This can be your first choice if you have money and you’re looking to fled the country. No! we’re kidding, don’t do that, moving on, the country offers citizenship at no requirements other than spending 5 days in a year after being grated one. Spending 90 days in the country is a necessity for applying for the same.

Charge: A contribution of $250,000 to the National Development Fund plus a processing fee of $25,000 and for a family of 4+ additional $15,000 per applicant or investment in real estate is required.

​St. Lucia

The rules are same here as well, except you do not have to reside in the country after being granted a citizenship. Apart from that you can apply for the same after 60-90 days of your stay in the county.

Charge: Single applicant: $100,000; Applicant + spouse: $165,000; Applicant + spouse + 2 dependents: $190,000; 2) Due diligence and processing fee: $7,000-8,000 or, invest in real estate.


​St. Kitts & Nevis

The citizenship is not revoked even if there is a change in the policies of the government and along with that you need to stay 182 days before you can apply for the citizenship. After that, it is pretty solid and you can travel to 25 countries totally visa-free, so that’s a plus side.

Charge: US$250,000 for single applicant; US$300,000 for applicant with up to 3 dependents; US$350,000 for applicant with up to 5 dependents; background check and processing fee: $55,000.



You can travel to 119 countries Visa-free while being citizenship of Grenada and on top of that dual citizenship is accepted here. Also, you can apply for a USA E2 visa from here.

Charge: $200,000 non-refundable contribution to national transformation fund (regardless of age of dependents); or US$350,000 realty investment; $50,000 fee for a family of 4; $25,000 fee per additional member; Due diligence and processing fee: $6,000-6,500.

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