5 Unique Websites You Should Know About.

5 Unique Websites You Should Know About.

There are thousands of websites that are so interesting yet most of us don’t know about them. This is why we have done some research and we bring in front of you some really cool websites that you just cannot miss in 2019.


Level Up Life

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Starting with one of the most interesting websites around there Level Up Life. The concept of this website is to make your actual life better by making you gamify your lifestyle.

There are levels and stages of and one must complete in order to move forward. The goals are simple and produce better changes in our daily lives such as ‘Sleep Early for 7 Days in a Row’ is a challenge.

If followed properly this website is a perfect blend of fun, creativity, and productivity altogether.

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Hacker Typer

Ever imagined yourself as a hacker typing with a blazing fast screen with green text on black background, well that completely sums up the concept of Hacker Typer.

All you have to do is type random words onto the screen and it’ll automatically generate code on the screen making you look cool just as they show in movies.

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Camel Camel Camel

camelcamelcamel gaming monitor price trends

This website is basically an analyzer tool for checking products over Amazon and comparing the history of a particular product in terms of price fluctuation all round the year.

The Web service helps to determine when is the best time to buy some products and save some bucks. Also, it shows important trends for competitive analysis if you have a similar product in the market.

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The Useless Web

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It is one of those websites that can tickle your funny bone and can also be termed as one of the most pointless website ever made.

The main goal of this website is to search for some of the other most useless websites and head you over to them, so you can waste your time but with a hearty laugh.

The pink button at the bottom of the website which is marked as ‘PLEASE’ can take you to all those websites just make sure that you have enough time to waste on such things. Don’t be the person who leaves the cooking pot on the stove while using the useless web or else all you’ll end up with is a blackish pot and burnt food, the website is that addictive.

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A Soft Murmur

Screen Shot 2018 09 14 at 10.52.29 AM

This unique website has a collection of soothing sounds and one can mix and match according to their preference in order to get the desired sound.

From natural sounds like rain, thunder, fire to sounds like a coffee house, which gives you the feel of sitting in a coffee house are pretty awesome.

One can mix sounds like rain and fire to get the feeling of being in a cave lighting fire while it’s raining outside or you can make the coffeehouse burn through hell with the mixing coffeehouse and fire sound. Sometimes its oddly soothing other times it can be pretty funny to hear, which makes it one of the most uniques websites present over the web.

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