What Cycling for 15 Minutes a Day Could Do for Your Health


Cycling is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises that could be performed by an individual on a daily basis for maintaining a good fitness level. We can surely join a gym or even get into a yoga class but nothing comes close to cycling in terms of functionality and flexibility.

It is one of the best means of exercise for those looking for ways to enter the currently popular functional training routines. Now, there are many benefits associated with Cycling and you need to know that.

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Saves Time and Money

You can take a cycle to anywhere. Yes! you can ride up to your office or you could ride to the near grocery store on a cycle and you’ll be taking care of both your pocket and health as well.


Improves Cardio-Vascular health

Yes! the number one cardio exercise does train your heart and lungs as well. You can breathe in more amount of air and your cardiac muscles become stronger reducing the changes of heart attack, all on the go.


Improves Sleeping Pattern

In comparison to a person who travels by cabs and trains to save time and energy, one that uses a cycle is more likely to exempt more energy. It drains you faster and thus making you crave a good night’s sleep or we can say ‘You’ll sleep like a baby’.


Fewer Chances of a Muscle Injury

In comparison to another heavy intensity exercise like running, weight lifting where there is a term called ‘Muscle injury’, in cycling there seldom any. It is a low impact exercise and while it gives you all the benefit of a cardiovascular exercise, it takes nothing from you.


Improves Eating Habits

If your someone who has to be nudged thirteen times before they get ready to eat a meal hen cycling is just made for you. The energy that you exempt would make you go hungry for extra meals and that is how you improve your dietary habits.

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Improves Mental Health

The cardiovascular exercises pump more oxygen and blood into your brain as well. And upon doing high-intensity exercise, some compensation hormones are released which makes us feels good as well.

So, after completing a circuit of cycling, it’s pretty sure that we’ll end up with high mental activity and a happy mood. You might have heard about ‘Runners High’ last longer than psychedelics, its just a primary example of that.


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