Aadhaar PVC Card: Family Members Can Generate Aadhaar OTP, Says UIDAI


If you do not carry your Aadhaar in your wallet or purse due to not having a printed version and eventually end up in a jiffy because of that, UIDAI might have created a solution for you already. In the month of October, they’ve launched the printing of PVC Aadhaar card for the citizens of India at a minimal cost of just 50 INR.

But that’s old news, right? The new one is that if you don’t have your registered number and still want to apply for the PVC card, it’s still possible that way too. All you need is an alternate number or a family member’s cellphone.

Yes! member of a family can get their PVC card issued from one person’s application only if they want to, isn’t it a tad more convenient?


To roll out this news, UIDAI too to their Twitter handle and released the information on the same.

Now, moving on, if you still think that you don’t require PVC Aadhaar, you’re wrong for UIDAI brands its new PVC cards as “Loaded with the latest security features, your Aadhaar is now more durable, convenient to carry, instantly verifiable offline.” So, it’s definitely of much use.

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Steps to Apply for Aadhaar Card PVC Print

  1. Open the webpage https://residentpvc.uidai.gov.in/order-pvcreprint
  2. The page will ask you for your Aadhaar Number/EID/Virtual Identification Number, enter it and proceed.
  3. Confirm your order of PVC Card here.
  4. An OTP will be generated and upon entering that, you’ll be shown a graphically generated scan of your Aadhaar Card.
  5. Check the details once again and proceed.
  6. The dialogue box will ask you to make the necessary payment of 50 INR.
  7. Upon payment, your Aadhaar will be ready for delivery, and with your acknowledgment number, you can check the status of where your Aadhaar is.

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