All Forms of Aadhaar Accepted as Your Official Identity Proof, Tweeted UIDAI


Aadhaar is one of the most important documents that one can have in their wallets. Earlier, it was a problem that you have to carry a physical Aadhaar card in order to verify your identity using the same. But UIDAI announced in a tweet that now you don’t have to carry a physical Aadhaar card necessarily but any form of Aadhaar is valid for proof of identity.


“Residents can choose to use any form of Aadhaar as per their convenience and all forms of Aadhaar are acceptable as a proof of identity with due validation, without giving any preference to one form of Aadhaar over the other. Tweet us @UIDAI in case you have any queries,” UIDAI said on its official Twitter handle.

Forms of Aadhaar Card Available

The Aadhaar card is presently available in a total of three forms namely the Aadhaar Letter, The PVC Aadhaar Card, and Aadhaar’s online version called e-Aadhaar.

The Aadhaar letter is issued and mailed to the individuals as they register for Aadhaar and one has to keep it if they want to verify using that method.

Apart from that, a copy of e-Aadhaar is also available on the UIDAI online database which can be downloaded in PDF form and used later on. This copy can be used for printing and turning from softcopy to hardcopy as well and is valid as an Aadhaar proof.

The third and the most recently introduced form of Aadhaar is the PVC card that is made available by UIDAI at a nominal cost of just 50 INR. You can apply for the same via the UIDAI’s website and it’ll be delivered to your registered mailing address.

Earlier, individuals were using the PDF copy to turn into PVC cards which were created from third party vendors. But it’s available from the UIDAI itself and has more security features such as an embossed logo and a sticker as well.

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