PUBG Season 16 is Here, Check How to Download


PUBG season 16 is set to launch on 17th November 2020 at 2 AM (UTC +0) globally and excitement is on another level. But what about the Indian audience and will they be getting to play the new season anytime soon?


Now, season 15 has the RP section of the game locked which will be available for play in the new season. Along with that, as we already know, you’ll be unlocking a lot more on the go as you play further.

But one important thing to notice is that the update will not be launched on the app stores but on a separate link. Unlike before, where we used to download the updates from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, this time, you have to use alternative methods.

To download the PUBG Season 16 update, follow the instructions given below:

  • Update your PUBG Mobile app to the latest version.
  • The latest app update can be done using the play store or Apple app store, as usual.
  • Upon the successful process of the above step, open the app.
  • Upon start, there would be a popup asking for an update. Click proceed.
  • You would be faced with an in-app update process with the progress bar running and telling you how much the update has been downloaded.
  • Upon successful download, let your app updates and then open it once again.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Check for the RP section which will now be unlocked.
  • Play the game and unlock rewards to win more and unlock many levels of the game.

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Although this is available globally, the Indian audience will still not be able to enjoy PUBG download officially as the game is banned in the Indian region. If there’s any more update coming on that topic, believe us you’ll be the first one to know we’ll make sure of that.

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