Why and How Pandemic Is Causing Hair Fall Problem Globally?

Hair Fall

The stress of the Coronavirus pandemic is causing people’s hair to fall out in a phenomenon doctors are calling “shock hair loss”, as per a new study. The study claims that people are experiencing more hair loss during the pandemic period than ever before.

With an ongoing pandemic that has struck the globe down to their rock bottom, millions of people are in a condition of severe stress. They are in a state of conditions like tension, anxiety, and depression for a prolonged period during the last 4 months.

Hair Fall

Now, with a new study arising in the news claims that people are becoming more prone to a condition of shock hair loss that is causing them to lose their precious hairs falling frequently that has struck them with another lightning bolt.

More and more people are reporting continuous hair loss. Dr. Shilpi Khearpal, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic, shared the fact that “There’s no itching, there’s no pain in this type of hair fall. People are seeing more hair on the pillow, on their clothes, in the shower and it can be pretty distressing.”

Dr. Khearpal also noticed that while there are no symptoms present in her patients, numerous patients have come in with Trichotillomania (urge to pull one’s hair) and alopecia areata. This is a major issue for hair losses in adults nowadays.

Experts suggest that when the body is under stress, it goes into a “conservation type mode,” shifting the hair cycle so that more strands get pushed into the resting phase, leading to more shedding. In this particular state, the body’s resources are diverted.

This diversion is transferred to the core essential activities that are needed for the survival and away from such activities as good skin blood flow, growth, and reproduction. Such type of hair loss condition is known as Telogen Effluvium’.

With severe stress, like in the pandemic, the hair follicles prematurely enter a phase of growth arrest called ‘Telogen’, that is shortly followed by the condition of losing your hair. This condition is one of the very first signs of stress.

Importantly, people who have been diagnosed with symptoms of COVID-19 or had been recovered from it are more prone to this condition. Patients who have fully recovered from the Coronavirus have reported hair falling conditions after the cure.

Dr. Julia Carroll, a Toronto-based dermatologist says, “I have seen it in some of my patients who have had coronavirus. I have estimated this type of hair fall condition in a handful of such cases. And people are very much disturbed by their hair loss”.

Hairs are taken as a sign of how people perceive themselves. But with this type of attack on their head, people have become much concerned about their status of representation and are choosing various methods to tackle such issues.

Experts suggest that eating foods that are rich in iron and omega 3 can help your hair loss fixation. These can vary from dark or unprocessed cocoa powder, flaxseeds, chia seeds, pumpkin and sesame seeds, to general nuts such as almonds and walnuts.

The expert also says that, while this condition is normal at the age of 30 and above, one should also precondition their hair with organic coconut & hibiscus oil and take the help of a hydrating shampoo that is Sulphur and Paraben free.

Lastly, this condition that is often an anxiety-induced hair fall is categorized as “Reversible”. This means that keeping adequate safety and utmost contribution of yours to the care, chances are positive that your hair will be renewed back again shortly.

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