10 Bollywood Movies that will Awaken the Traveller in You


Every person has a traveller that’s hidden in them, the one that pushes and urges them every now and then to take the plunge and experience the beauty this world has to offer. Travel ignites one’s mind and enriches the soul, making one visualize things differently, broadening their horizons, and making one a better version of themselves.

With the uncertain times that pandemic put us through, there was a halt put on our travelling plans. The wait to travel to feed our souls kept on increasing, and the desire to hop on the travel wagon kept on going. As always, Bollywood came to the rescue with the abundance of movies that ignited and awakened the traveller within us. Bollywood marks a huge impact on how we see the world and has turned out to be influential enough in getting people out of their houses with their backpacks on and even making them fantasize about travelling by just watching these movies.

Here’s a list of 10 Bollywood movies that have awakened the traveller within us!


  • Karwaan

With South being famous for its enigmatic landscape and all the scenic beauty that it has to offer, this movie sets you on a journey that covers the land of Ooty, Kochi, and Bangalore. The journey of three individuals, Mithila, Dulquer Salman, and Irrfan, through the greens, unravels their own identities and builds new relationships. The journey shown here would want to make you go to the lush green trails with some warmth of people that you’ll want for yourself.

Bollywood Movies to awaken the traveller within you

  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

One cannot miss this movie when they talk about travelling. A must-watch movie to make you finally take that long-due trip with your friends to either change your lives or before your life gets changed, this movie sets travel goals to another level. With the lives of Arjun (Hrithik Roshan), Kabir (Abhay Deol), and Imraan (Farhan Akhtar) running parallel throughout the movie, this cinematic masterpiece makes you want to skydive, go deep under the waters, see the madness of the Tomatina festival and eventually run to save your lives from bulls. Watch this movie to see Spain from the lens of Zoya Akhtar, who would surely make you pack your bags.

best travelling movies

  • Queen

This Bollywood movie brings out the not-so-cliched honeymoon travel of a woman who goes on this journey alone after her groom calls off the wedding. With Kangana shining in her full glory, this movie liberates your soul to take that trust fall for yourself where you’re the one to hold yourself when you fall. The journey of a scared soul who voyages to Paris and then Amsterdam, making new friends and building new relationships. Watch this movie to set yourself free, and take that solo trip to break the shackles you’re tied in.

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Bollywood solo travel movies

  • Dil Dhadakne Do

A cruise-based trip planned to celebrate the wedding anniversary of their parents; this movie oozes luxury in all forms. With Priyanka and Ranveer planning to sail through Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Spain, Italy, and France, this movie brings out the extravagance of travel and the beauty of these places and how every individual in the movie embarks on this journey to sail through the issues faced by this crazy family.

Bollywood movies for travellers

  • Piku

This movie is a whole different vibe when it comes to travel. A journey from Delhi to Kolkata with a constipated Big B along with Deepika and Irrfan makes you see the beauty of the journey through a different lens. The city of Joy and the laidback vibe of Kolkata beams in full splendour throughout the movie, bringing out the beauty of long-lost relationships and the charm of the old-world architecture.

Bollywood family travel movie

  • Swades

Swades triggers you to travel to remote areas of India, experiencing the beauty of simplicity our country offers. The journey of SRK, who’s an NRI, brings out the rustic charm of the villages and invokes a feeling of belongingness and love for your country at the grassroots. This movie would make you want to pack your bags and experience the charm of remote areas, far from the hustle-bustle of cliched busy towns, making you fall in love with the simple and basic things life has to offer.

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Inspiring travel movie

  • Hum Tum

This classic tale of love, companionship, friendly fights, and endless banter takes you on a ride to Delhi, Paris, Amsterdam, and Mumbai making you want to pack your bags, tighten your shoelaces and hop onto this journey. With Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherji in the lead roles, these two would make you fall in love with them and these places all over again. Hum Tum makes you want to leave the comfort of your home to get on a ride to embrace the beauty and, if you are lucky, then even find love in it.

Romantic travel film

  • Love Aaj Kal

With every movie Imtiaz Ali makes, he makes sure to create magic through travel. He speaks in the language of travel and doing no different here; he has brought the stunning visuals of old-world Punjab coupled with the narrow and clustered streets of Old Delhi, the classic charm of Kolkata, the colourful essence of the streets of London, and a sight of the gigantic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. With Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone creating this magic, this movie would want to make your travel in the quest of finding or saving your love.

Bollywood romantic movies for travellers

  • Jab We Met

This movie would bring back the rush of train journeys that we might have forgotten over time. With two strangers, Kareena and Shahid on this journey of twists and turns will take you to the lands of Punjab and make you feel the warmth of it, and then transport you to the quaint lanes of Himachal Pradesh and immerse you in the beauty of it. The mustard fields of Punjab and the age-old wooden castle of Naggar would make you want to get on a train, making you not forget to board the same on time. Truly one of those Bollywood movies that will definitely awaken the traveller in you.

Travel journey films

  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

This Ayan Mukerji blockbuster encouraged a lot of us to pack our bags and leave for a hike with our tribe, living our lives to the fullest. From the snow-clad mountains in Manali, the mystic views of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the serene sunsets of Udaipur, the movie brings out the beauty from every nook and corner to set your soul free, making you want to recreate the same and experience the magic with your group of favourites.

Bollywood travel movies

So, get off your couch once you are done binging on these Bollywood movies that would surely awaken the traveller by the end of this marathon and make you want to board that flight or take that train or just make you want to hold the steering and take those life-changing turns for yourself!


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