10 Best English Web Series to Watch Online in 2022


It’s a known fact that English web series are much more diverse and engaging in their approach than the Indian origin shows. Hollywood directors know how to bring a variety of challenging stories to the forefront with great expertise. Nowadays, Indian shows online are getting quite repetitive with their tone with most of them focusing on violence and thrill. However, the best English web series to watch on digital streaming services offer a wider range of content. So, here we have created a list.

10 Best English Web Series to Watch Online

10 Best English Web Series to Watch Online

1- 13 Reasons Why Season 1

The first season of this emotional drama English web series adapted from the novel of the same name is something that you should not sleep on. It tells the story of a girl who commits suicide and leaves behind the 13 reasons why she had taken the drastic step. The emotional journey will definitely bring tears to your eyes. The show was expanded further with new seasons but we recommend watching only the first one.

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Where to Watch: Netflix

2- House MD

Dr House played by Hugh Laurie is a narcissistic genius in this show that you will come to love. I think it’s perhaps one of the best-ever characters created for the small screen. The show follows Dr House and his team as they solve bizarre cases with unconventional methods and often flout the medical rule book. It’s one of the best English web series to watch right now.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

3- The Good Doctor

Another medical drama that you will definitely love even if you are not into medical shows. It is about Dr Murphy who despite suffering from autism becomes a resident doctor and goes through a trial to prove his worth as a doctor. This English web series is adapted from a Korean web series.

Where to Watch: Netflix

4- The Peacemaker

John Cena has made his debut as the protagonist of an English web series with this supernatural web series that was created by HBO. The show is already renewed for a second season. It follows The Peacemaker a villain who kinda turns into an anti-hero in this show. It’s fun and filled with pretty awesome action sequences.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

5- You

Penn Badgley has delivered a mind-blowing performance in this English show. He plays a bookshop owner who stalks a girl and commits heinous crimes in order to get into the good books of the girl he likes. The chilling scenes in this series deserve to be watched at least once. It is still ongoing and the next season is expected to arrive in 2023.

Where to Watch: Netflix

6- The Midnight Club

A recently released show that is quickly becoming a fan favourite. You must watch it if you love the horror and suspense genre. It follows a few terminally ill teens who form a pact that the first one to die among them will send a message from beyond the grave. It’s one of the best English web series to watch in 2022.

Where to Watch: Netflix

7- She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

Marvel is releasing series after series with many superheroes making their debut on the small screen. She-Hulk is a recently released superhero web series that follows the adventures of a female law attorney who gains the power of Hulk and then goes on to fight a few evil powers while maintaining her career and love life.

Where to Watch: Disney+ Hotstar

8- Bodyguard

This is a British limited web series that we think is quite underrated despite being a phenomenal work of art. The thriller follows a war veteran who is assigned the duty of protecting the British Home Minister, a controversial and ambitious political leader who is often referred to as a sociopath by her colleagues. Definitely, one of the best English web series to watch this year.

Where to Watch: Netflix

9- Mindhunter

A fine English show that is unfortunately stalled after two seasons with no guarantee of it ever being continued in the future. We loved this show and everyone deserves to watch this suspense drama that follows an FBI negotiator who teams up with a veteran agent to study the psyche of criminals.

Where to Watch: Netflix

10- Never Have I Ever

Never I Have Ever is an ongoing coming-of-age comedy web series that you will relate to if you are in your 20s. The show follows an Indian-American teenager who tries to build up relationships in her high school after a traumatic first year. It’s one of the best teen English web series to watch right now.

Where to Watch: Netflix

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