Twitter Blue Coming Soon With ‘Undo Tweet’ Options


Twitter might be announcing its new premium service called ‘Twitter Blue’ soon. They have been working on a subscription-based model for a long time and are ready to launch the same.

The in-app purchase for a premium ‘Twitter blue’ has already been listed on the Apple App Store. In there, the upgrade is available for only Rs.269.

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While we might not know much about the same as Twitter is yet to confirm the details and specifics. It is solid news that features like ‘Undo Tweet’ and various color scheme options would be added for the premium users having the Twitter Blue subscription.

Moreover, a famous tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong, who has a successful history of unveiling yet-to-launch things has claimed for the same in a tweet itself.

She herself claimed that she is the first paying customer for the Twitter Blue service itself.

The service might not be of much use to the ones who are checking Twitter for trends and news only. But for someone with a good enough following, it might be a very lucrative upgrade.


Just imagine the amount of humiliation that could be saved by Donald Trump only if he would be a paid subscriber to the ‘Twitter Blue’. Yes! He would have to undo all of his tweets but then again, he’s Trump, after all, so no point in even discussing.

Moving on, the service is of much use to media professionals, bloggers, social influencers, and much more.

There would be a new addition to the list of features for sure as it’s a paid service and it sets the bar a little high for the frequency of upgrades provided.

Now, if you’re someone who’s interested in getting Twitter Blue then you can check the Apple App Store. It’s not yet announced for the android users and if it will be then we’ll make sure to notify you.

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