What is DigiLocker and How to Upload Documents on it.



In the current fast paced world everything is online. DigiLocker is a cloud storage service that stores all your government-issued documents safely and securely. This app was developed by the Ministry of Electronics and IT under the Digital India Corporation.

Basically, the app uses our Aadhaar card details as an identification proof and permits us to upload all our documents online and digitalize them. These digitalized documents are accepted all over India and have same validity and originality as an original physical copy of the document.


DigiLocker has two types of documents segregated:

  • Issued documents- Documents issued by the government directly from an original source to an individual. These documents are stored as URLs in the issued document section.
  • Uploaded documents- Documents uploaded by the individuals themselves. These documents can be .pdf, .jpeg, .png, etc. provided that the files are all below 10MB in size.

To give more clarification as to how to use and upload documents on DigiLocker, read the following step-by-step guide made by us for you.

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Uploading documents on DigiLocker through website portal:

  1. Visit DigiLocker’s official website and sign up
  2. Fill in all the general data required (such as name, age, Aadhaar number, mail id, etc.)
  3. Next you will be asked to set a 6-digit pin that will act as your password.
  4. Upon clicking submit, you will receive an OTP on your registered number.  Click submit after entering the OTP and you will be asked to enter a username.
  5. Click submit when done and poof you are in! you officially hold a DigiLocker account.
  6. Now, you will be redirected to your DigiLocker homepage. Look for Uploaded documents option on the left side of the screen.
  7. Click upload and select and drop the file you want to from your computer. Multiple files can also be uploaded.
  8. Your files will now officially be stored and available online on DigiLocker.

Uploading files through DigiLocker’s app:

  1. Sign in to the DigiLocker app.
  2. On the top left corner you will find a burger menu option, click on it.
  3. select upload documents option and select the upload button on the top right next to the menu button.
  4. Now, the app will ask access to to your files. Give access.
  5. Select the desired files you want to upload on DigiLocker.
  6. The files option will redirect you to your phone’s storage space from where you can access the files you want to upload online.
  7. Contents from other apps on your phone can also be added to DigiLocker.

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