Difficulties in International Travel This Year with the New Covid-19 Rules


With new variants of the Covid-19 virus being found in different countries, there are new rules being set in place regarding international travel.

This has prompted governments to ban international flights and a US requirement for negative tests. 

International travel rules have been made stricter, which have complicated the system furthermore. Countries have decided on restricting access in order to control the rapid spread of the virus throughout the countries. 

International Travel

Neighboring countries have also started to practice the new rules of restricting International flights. Now, Australia has suspended a one-way “travel bubble” after two cases of the South African variant of the virus were found in Auckland, NZ. 

This also led to New Zealand tightening its quarantine on the citizens of the country in order to prevent further spread of the virus variant in the country’s biggest city and capital. 

The US has also made sure to tighten up its rules for international travelers and now the CDC demands a negative Covid-19 test as proof before being allowed to enter into the country. They have encouraged preflight testing as the number of cases are rapidly increasing in the country. 

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President Joe Biden has also signed an executive order regarding the same on Jan 21, 2021, affirming the latest testing requirements and requesting agencies to consider further travel-safety measures. 

This move by the new President will also reverse the order that was signed by the former President, Donald Trump on relaxing international travelling. The new order reinstates Covid-19 travel restrictions on travelers from Brazil, Ireland, the UK and 26 other European countries that are allowing open border travels during this pandemic. 

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The UK is also planning to launch a blanket quarantining programme for international travelers from nearly 30 different countries. International travelers arriving from covid hotspots will be restricted to staying in particular hotels and quarantined before being allowed to travel further in the country. 

This step has been taken in order to reduce passenger flow and focus on limiting the spread of this contagious virus all over the UK, as reported by Priti Patel. 

All these orders and initiatives are bound to make international travel tougher in 2021, but it is considered a necessary evil in order to preserve the government vaccines and restrict the spread of the existing virus in limited regions. With the discovery of new variants from different countries everyday, governments have tightened the reins over international travel.

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