Pubg Mobile India Releases New Title: Battlegrounds India. Here Is Everything You Need to Know About It.

Pubg Mobile India Releases New Title: Battlegrounds India. Here Is Everything You Need to Know About It

The government blocked the chinese apps under section 69 A of the Information Technology Act, and relevant provisions under IT rules 2009. But finally, there is light at the end of a tunnel; PUBG Mobile India has released a new poster on its social media platforms that reveals that the game will launch as Battlegrounds Mobile India

In a now-deleted YouTube post, fans got a glimpse of the rejuvenated game, and the official timeline is yet to be released.

Since the official poster release, the social media handles of PUBG Mobile India have also been updated to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Apart from Twitter, PUBG Mobile India now goes by the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India all across their social media handles.

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Krafton is leaving no stone unturned and wants to take all steps to relaunch PUBG Mobile India, and they are not even shying away from changing the name of the game for this purpose. In December 2020, Krafton launched a website confirming PUBG Mobile’s return to India under the “PUBG Mobile India” banner.

While PUBG developers are yet to comment on the game’s revival, speculations are rife that PUBG Mobile India would be relaunched soon. The company’s constant listings on LinkedIn only add fuel to the fire.

Tarun Gupta, founder of online esports platform Ultimate Battle, said it would add Battlegrounds Mobile India to its platform as soon as it launches and expect the game to cross a million downloads within a week.

“We believe the content creators community will get a major boost once the game is launched and it will fuel our ambition of creating a unique ecosystem for the gaming content creators to make a serious career out of their passion,” said Shivam Rao, chief operating officer of  gaming talent management from Trinity Gaming.

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