5 Most Famous Dialogues of Every Indian Mom

5 Most Famous Dialogues of Every Indian Mom

Mother’s love knows no bounds. A mother can do anything for her children without expecting anything in return. The unconditional love that a woman showers on her children is unmatchable in this world. A mother expresses her love with all kinds of gestures, feelings and emotions. When one feels down or lost, they can always count on their mothers to have their back. Mothers are the most precious gift from the Gods to humanity. Nevertheless, it won’t be far-fetched to say that dialogues of Indian moms have a unique way of showing care and love.

From sarcastic taunts to sentimental convos to angry outbursts to melodramatic emotional phases, Indian mothers share it all with their children. One thing in particular that Indian mothers are masters of is innovating quirky dialogues that can bring out bitter-sweet emotions. Many dialogues of Indian moms have gotten so famous that social media has turned churned out a million memes based on them. To celebrate Mother’s Day 2022 and shed light on the bond between a mother and children, we have brought some of the most popular dialogues of Indian moms.

Here are the 5 most famous dialogues on Indian moms:

1- No one will marry you if your roti is not round

famous dialogues of Indian moms

Indian moms are known for instilling their cooking geniuses into their daughters by any means necessary. They consider it their first and foremost priority to pass down their skills. Mothers always worry about their kids’ future, and this is one of those instances. Indian moms want a great groom for their daughters, and many of them think that having good cooking skills is necessary for the same. This idea gave birth to this famous dialogue.

2- Agar gir gya toh tange tod dungi

 Indian moms

A prevalent dialogue that Indian moms say to their young kids who always get in trouble for playing carelessly. This dialogue originates from the most profound care but contrasts the idea of explaining the dangers of playing at a fearful altitude to kids. Indian moms fight fire with fire and instil the fear of more beating into kids’ hearts to make them play carefully.

3- Abhi sun le baad mai mat rona

Indian moms

The perfect way of giving advice or suggestion should be learnt from Indian mothers. Instead of weighing the all pros and cons with their children, Indian moms go straight to providing the best advice with whatever they think would be right. However, if the kids don’t listen to their fruitful advice, they resort to this famous dialogue that is bound to make them hear what the mother has to say.

4- Lunchbox agar bhula to dekh lio

lunch dialogue

Indian moms and their love for the lunchboxes at certain times surpasses the love for their children. Indian students often forget to bring back their tiffin home, which creates unnecessary burdens on the moms. Once or twice it is tolerable, but when it becomes a habit, the Indian moms resort to this dialogue to let the kids know what’s in store for them if a mistake like that is committed again.

5- Tu ek kaam krle shadi krle… fir jo chahe kario

shadi dialogue

Almost every mom wishes to see their children getting married and living a happy and prosperous life. Indian moms have a different way of convincing their kids to get married. They use this famous dialogue to reminisce the kids that they are getting older and can’t go on to tolerate all their mistakes and faults. It is their way of conveying that they desire to see their kids get wed as soon as possible.

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