Top 8 Music Apps You Don’t Want to Miss Out on If You are a Music Lover


Music apps that let you discover new songs, find exciting independent artists, create all kinds of playlists, add your own flavour to the music, record and upload your self-made songs, listen to the fantastic wide variety of pre-made radio channels and anything else you can imagine sounds like a dream come true. Isn’t it? Well, not to let you down, but a single music application can’t do all of this. However, you know what, not everyone requires every single thing from their music apps. People’s choices differ according to their tastes and needs, and we have kept that in mind while creating this helpful list that has some of the best music apps one can have on their device. So gear up cause we are taking you on a wonderful musical ride.

Here are the 8 Best Music Apps:

1- Jango Radio

jango radio

We are starting off with a wildcard in the world of music apps. Jango Radio is the only app that does not charge any subscription fees, and there are no extra hidden costs as well. A unique app that does not even have annoying commercial ads. Jango Radio is perfect for slackers like us who just want to tune in to pre-made radio and listen to a bunch of songs back to back. Their library is massive, and there are tons of radio genres in this app. It’s a must-try for people who like to be surprised by new voices popping out of nowhere. What’s more, this app also lets you create your own playlists in which you can add the songs you have discovered to have the time of your life.

Perks: No subscription charges and ads.

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2- SoundCloud

soundcloud logo

One of the most popular and quirky music apps, SoundCloud is a heaven for the budding music creators and listeners who want to enjoy the original music devoid of any copy techniques. The app prides itself on being the world’s largest community of artists who love to share their music with others. Bored of listening to the tracks which are the rip-off of old ones? This app will definitely be the one you appreciate. However, in India, only the free version of the app is available, and you would have to deal with a few ads here and there while browsing through the music, but we think it’s worth it because of what it brings to the table.

Perks: Listen to the original music from indie artists and share your own audio creations.

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3- Shazam


A unique app that lets you discover the music with ease. Shazam is one of the best music apps to help you recognise songs with just one of their lines. Moreover, this app lets you add the music you discover to your Apple Music and Spotify playlists so that the song you finally found does not disappear. A great initiative that caters to people like us who are just become so fascinated with a single line that no matter what, we tend to find that particular song with all our minds and soul. Shazam eases the burden on us with its unique feature.

Perks: Find a song or artist with just one particular line.

4- TuneIn Radio

tunein logo

Want to listen to the FM radio where the radio jockeys play songs, and you get to listen to their fun small talk and backstories in between? Do you want to experience the good old times when FM was a thing of beauty? TuneIn Radio is just the app for that. One of the best music apps when it comes to FM radio, with over 1,00,000 different radio stations from all over the world being available on this app. What’s more, there are no ads which makes the user experience much better, and you can also tune in to some of the best podcasts and news and sports commentary if you want a change of pace.

Perks: 24 FM radio stations with no ads.

5- Apple Music

apple music

The behemoth among the music apps, Apple Music, is one of the best apps for a music lover, which even a beginner can browse through easily. One can listen to over 90 million songs and tons of playlists based on almost every genre one can imagine through Apple Music. There is a subscription fee of ₹99 per month to use this music application uninterrupted in India. With iOS 16, Apple is enhancing its features for the users, and the ability to add favourite artists is going to be included in the application. Android users need not worry cause the app is also available for them.

Perks: Vast catalogue of over 90 million songs and premium audio quality.

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6- Spotify


Some of you might have declared us crazy already for not putting Spotify higher on the list? Well, to let you guys know, the list is in a random order, so don’t worry; we value this seamless music app as much as others on the list of best music apps. Spotify is a Swedish app that quickly rose through the ranks to have more than 422 million active users per month on its platform. Moreover, about 180 million users are subscribed to their inventory of songs. The premium version of the app, which removes the ad, costs ₹119 per month.

Perks: Behind the lyrics is an interesting feature that lets you know the history behind a few songs, and there are daily mixes developed by Spotify to keep you excited every day.

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7- YouTube Music

youtube music

YouTube Music is unlike is one of the unique music apps. It lets the listeners stream the videos of the songs if they want to or listen to the songs in the background. If you are one of those folks who just can’t get into a song without the video, then it is perfect for you. Also, you get access to thousands of live shows and stage performances available on YouTube through this app. To experience the uninterrupted ad-free version, you will have to spend ₹99 per month. It’s definitely worth considering the number of songs and artists you get access to.

Perks: Huge catalogue, millions of songs, tons of indie artists to discover and live performances.

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8- Amazon Music

amazon music

Amazon Music has one of the best audio quality among the music apps in India. Their HD audio feature completely outperforms the Spotify audio quality. This app has more than 90 million songs which keep on increasing with new songs being added every day to the app. You can also listen to million of podcasts and download songs to play them later when you are offline. The subscription for Amazon Music is bundled with Prime membership, where you will have to spend ₹99 per month or ₹999 for a year.

Perks: HD audio quality and huge catalogue.

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