Apple Raises Prices for Apple Music Student Subscription: Know All Details

Apple Music Student Subscription

Apple will hold its annual developer’s conference in June 2022, and many new details are coming about the same through various sources. However, one news that no one saw coming and which would actually not receive any updates regarding it in the developer’s conference is the price of the Apple Music Student Subscription.

Apple has been informing its student subscribers that the price of its music app for the students is going to be raised in the upcoming month. A mail regarding the same is being sent to the users by the company without actually releasing the same to the press.

Apple Music

The students who receive a concession on the music app will now have to pay a slightly more, but the overall cost will still be lesser than the total cost a regular user has to pay for the subscription to the Apple Music.

According to the reports, the Apple Music Student Subscription is currently priced at 59 rupees in India, but the cost will increase in the next month. Not just in India, the move will affect students all over the world in several countries.

Apple Music

Currently, the reports claim that India, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia and Isreal are the places where the cost of Apple Music Student Subscription will be increased. However, until a formal announcement comes, it cannot be barred that a few other countries will also be included in the recent price hike.

The pricing will exactly start on the 20th of June in India, and users who are not willing to pay the higher cost can opt to unsubscribe from the service. If a user does not unsubscribe, Apple will consider it their willingness to charge the higher amount and proceed with the same.

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