YouTube Premium vs. Spotify vs. Apple Music: Battle Of Audio Streaming Subscription Plans

YouTube Premium vs. Spotify vs. Apple Music: The Best Audio Streaming Subscription Plans

Music streaming has become popular around the World. Audio Streaming Subscription Plans enable you to listen to songs, create playlists and discover more. Google Play Music, which has now transformed into YouTube Music, along with Youtube Premium, has finally got its annual plans for premium subscription service. Until now, only monthly and quarterly plans have been available for a long time. The Plan has been launched in India, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Mexico, the US, Canada, and Japan.

YouTube Premium vs. Spotify vs. Apple Music
YouTube Premium vs. Spotify vs. Apple Music

Google offered the Plan at a discounted rate till January 23 as an introductory offer. Users will be able to listen to ad-free music and videos and will get the option of background play, to name a few features offered in the premium service.

Are you in a dilemma to pay for which Audio Streaming Subscription Plans: Youtube, Apple Music, or Spotify. We’ll compare them, and you can easily choose the one convenient for you.

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YouTube Music Premium

As said, YouTube Music Premium had only monthly (Rs 109 per month) and quarterly premium plans(Rs 309) but now has an annual one with it priced at Rs 889 per year.

If you want to get both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, you will have to pay Rs 1,159 annually. The new payments are to be paid in advance and are non-recurring.

There’ll be no ads in the Premium service. If you don’t want the video, you can use the audio-only option. You’ll get access to millions of songs, which you can download for later use.


Spotify Premium

As per reports, Spotify is the most subscribed audio streaming service and sits at the apex of all the others, with almost 165 million subscribers. With a plethora of music and podcasts, Spotify arguably rules the domain. There are plenty of reasons why you should pay for Spotify Premium, some of which I’ll mention.

  • Get rid of the shuffle-only mode: The free version of the Spotify app lets you listen to songs only in shuffle mode. You can select specific songs in the premium version. 
  • No ads: needless to say, the premium version will have no ads, unlike the free version, where your songs get interrupted by disturbing ads.
  • Excellent quality: Spotify premium lets you listen to songs at 320 Kbps. 
  • Download songs: You can download a maximum of 10,000 music’s to listen to offline using the Spotify Premium option. 

Spotify gives you access to podcasts which YouTube Music doesn’t. But, if you like music videos more, YouTube should be your option.

Spotify has four premium plans in India: mini, individual (Rs 129 for a single month, Rs 389 for three months, Rs 719 for six months, and Rs 1,189 for a year), Duo(Rs 165 a month), and family(Rs 199 a month). The former two are for individuals, and the latter two accommodate 2 and 6 members, respectively. 

Apple Music

The Apple music stamping platform has no annual plan in India, launched in 2015 with 90 million subscribers. The monthly plans of Apple Music starting from Rs 99, which is the lowest of all three. You can get a Siri-only voice plan at Rs 49. Let’s see what the premium plan has to offer.

  • Unlimited skips
  • Save songs for offline listening
  • stream songs uploaded to iCloud.
  • The Connect Tab helps the artists and their fans to communicate.


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