Best Multiplayer Mobile and PC Games to Play During Lock Down


With nothing much to do during the lockdown and having a viable internet connection, adults engage in one thing and that is Gaming. So here we have the complete guide for you on Best Multiplayer Mobile and PC Games to play during lockdown

Now, Gaming helps in getting boredom out of the room and helps to freshen up the mind. More people are connecting through online playing. Gaming is helping people build relationships and make friends online in the time of social distancing.


Mobile Games

Player Unknown Battleground

Player Unknown Battleground or its famous acronym, PUBG is by far the best online gaming series anyone could have played.

Having 4 major maps and 100 players, either solo, duo or squad, in a match, you can practice your skill of shooting, hiding, going prone and strategic planning. 

Clash Of Clans

When it was released, the game wasn’t able to see much growth. But when the players actually started to play it with their eyes and ears open, they knew they had something far better than they can imagine.

Building your army, collecting coins through raiding villages and delivering strong protection to your town is what makes you addicted to this game.

Asphalt 9: Legends

After Asphalt 8, Gameloft launched their latest edition, the Asphalt 9: Legends. This time, the game has some drastic changes from before.

New circuits, modern techniques for speed simulation, extraordinary graphics, better controlling and a whole new lot of the latest super and concept cars.


SimCity may sound just constructing buildings and town halls, but it isn’t. It’s more than architecture. SimCity lets you use the defined resources and battle against other players in real-time.

Also, in the 2020 update, you can join the PvP Club Wars, where the player will have to complete the project within time to earn rewards.

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Ludo King

Ludo is simple. It’s easy to navigate through options and makes you wanna play more.  Ludo King is a better board game than any other games available on the Play Store.


pan style=”font-weight: 400;”> You can create personal rooms for both Ludo and Snake & Ladder and play with your friends.

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Some other worthy notations you should check out in the multiplayer gaming domain are as follows:

  • UNO
  • 8 Ball pool
  • Bombsquad
  • DUAL
  • Mini Militia
  • CallBreak Multiplayer

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PC Games



PUBG PC is known to everyone. Its news is present on YouTube and Streaming services like Twitch.

PUBG PC offers a great opportunity for a rookie who wants to create a solid background in shooting games. And if you have the skills to be on top, it can make you a fortune.

FIFA 2020

FIFA 2020 is the best edition of the FIFA football game after FIFA 13. The company did hear out the fans and made potential custom designs, ball, and character control specification, graphics, and smoothness of the game, making it more surreal.

Get someone to play with and FIFA would be your ultimate timepass routine.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2020

Counter-Strike: GO is one of the best shooting games in the world. It’s a natural playing style that makes everyone fall in love with it.

And this year, the company introduced the CS 1.6 2020 edition which brings you the ground zero of unlimited death matches for you and your friends.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon was originally launched in 2018. But Microsoft and Playground Games republished a new update for this adrenaline-rushed racing game recently.

The game brings you the real-life racing experience in the streets, ruins, ice paths, and deserts and the outskirts of Great Britain.

Rocket League

In a poll, 95% of users liked this game. Rocket League is the best mix of football, racing, and thrilling competition.

The idea is simple: You have to make a goal with your vehicle before the time runs out. The latest update includes the Heatseeker Mode which lets any player make the ball home in on the goal. 

Here is the list of FOC’s best multiplayer mobile and PC games for you! What’s yours?

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