Harshdeep Kaur Ever Popular Songs You Need To Listen Right Now

Harshdeep Kaur has been one of the legends in the Indian music industry and there are quite a ton of fan following she has gathered in the last couple of years she has been using his melodic voice.

Now, most of you might have already have one, two, or more songs of her in your must-listen playlist but still, there are some gems that cannot be ignored.

So, we are going to mention some of them here and check them out. Also, tell us which ones are your favorite in the comments or if we missed some.


Harshdeep Kaur


The tale of a daughter trying to express her uncapped emotions to a father through the voice of Harshdeep Kaur is so very beautiful that most of us can’t help but cry. This is one deeply touching song that one has to definitely listen to.

Nachde Ne Sare

You feel like dancing and moving to your groove, Well! here’s one Harshdeep Kaur song for that too which sets the perfect mood. This masterpiece would make you want to shake a leg to the beat anyway, whether or not, you want to.

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Ek Onkar

This is a devotional melody and you might have heard Ek Onkar in religious places of Sikhs. But making it reach out to the general public through her melodic voice and still be able to capture the essence of the whole verse, Harshdeep Kaur is the voice behind this one too.


The journey of someone lost, confused, and just swimming aimlessly through life wanting to come back but at the same moment unable to do it, is aesthetically explained in verses after verses in the amazing voice of our very own, Harshdeep Kaur.



This one is in the last for it is one of the first songs from which many out there started recognizing the singer. It is the emotional journey through a bride to be’s internal conflicts between her wants and that of others. Once again, a beautiful representation of the same by the singer.

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