Top 10 Jasleen Royal Songs You Need To Listen To In 2021


Most of us have shed a few tears whenever we hear Din Shagna Da played at a wedding but is that one of the best songs of Jasleen Royal? For those who don’t know this artist, she’s a solo artist turned band who was also a semi-finalist of India’s Got Talent. With her soul-soothing voice and meaningful lyrics, she has been winning hearts and has made her place amongst the top singers of Bollywood


If you’re still wondering what makes her songs so special and touching, it’s simply the fact that they are relatable, regardless of where you come from.

So here are some of spectacular Jasleen Royal songs that have made it to our top 10:

Top Jasleen Royal Songs

01. Maye Ni 

It has to be one of the finest Jasleen Royal songs, featuring Swanand Kirkire. 

Truly beautiful, it narrates a conversation between a mother and daughter, as the younger one feels helpless and asks for her help. The beautiful collaboration is a heart-wrenching and in-the-feels song that is a must-listen for everyone. 

02. Din Shagna Da

This has to be the most popular choice for every bride entry out there. 

This amazing wedding song by Jasleen Royal was what made her shine out in the industry after it was featured in Phillauri. It still is the most popular choice for every bridal entry, as it should be for the beautiful voice it features. 


03. Panchi Hojavan 

This was the first song that she introduced herself within the industry, and this debut piece was the reason she achieved success within a short period of time. 

Can this be considered as the best Jasleen Royal song out there? Probably, yes as it won the MTV Music Video of the Year 2013 in the Best Indie Category!

04. Door Ghar Mera Hai

We’re pretty sure everyone has seen the ad where an astronaut in her space shuttle watch India celebrate the festival of Diwali and brighten up immediately. 

The song featured in this ad is sung by Jasleen Royal as well, no surprises there. With her beautiful voice expressing how it feels like being away from family due to work, it managed to directly tug on our heartstrings. 

05. Preet

Not all her songs are about love, but rather about the experiences in our daily lives. This song is about the complications we face in love, and how it disheartens us after it all starts feeling like a trap. 

Again, unique and very relatable, just how Jasleen Royal always is.

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06. Kho Gaye Hum Kaha 

If you ever feel lost, then this is the song you should be streaming. A truly addicting song by this wonderful artist, this song makes us feel like we’re lost in a bright and colourful world as you celebrate your love. 


07. Badla Badla

Here comes the most energetic song that is bound to motivate you completely for the day. 

If you’ve ever felt like just taking your revenge and shouting at somebody, stream this song and focus all that anger on completing all your pending work. 

08. Love you Zindagi 

Pretty sure everyone listened to this song on loop when it came out with Dear Zindagi. This remarkable song makes you cherish the life you have and conveys a beautiful message as well. 

Fall in love with your life all over again, while dealing with the pain, struggles and loss in a positive way!


09. Kidre Jawan

Featured in the Haramkhor movie, Jasleen Royal deserves all the praise she got for this song as she narrates the dilemma faced by a confused person in life, who doesn’t know what to do at all. 

It was hugely appreciated by the general public when it came out and was what helped her increase her fan base immediately. 

10. Deh Shiva

Ending this list on a very inspirational note, we’ve selected this as the last but one of the best by Jasleen Royal. This artist keeps surprising us with her ability to capture such different emotions in her songs every time. 

This song is about fighting a war and the multiple hardships that are faced by these brave soldiers but also expresses the intense emotions a person feels while lifting their gun. 

Jasleen Royal is the kind of artist you could listen to at any time of the day or night. You just need to know the right kind of song you need to listen to as per your mood. But regardless of whatever you may be listening to, Jasleen Royal’s voice and wonderful lyrics are always relatable and unique. 


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