Rahul Vaidya success: The journey of hard work and his best songs till now


Rahul Krushna Vaidya is a Popular singer and songwriter, was born on 23rd September 1987 in Mumbai, India. He is most known for appearing on Indian Idol 1 and finishing as the #2 runner-up. However, it wasn’t until his involvement in Salman Khan’s hosted tv show Bigg Boss 14, which aired last year.

He proceeded to create his way into the profession’s news, either because of his jaunts inside the BB 14 house or even for the cooking of his love story with TV starlet Disha Parmar at the period, which he was even seen suggesting to on public media from inside the cottage.

Rahul Vaidya Music Career

Rahul Vaidya Music career

Rahul Vaidya came in second place in the initial season of Indian Idol. Despite being heavily favored to triumph, Vaidya was defeated in the final round on February 18, 2005. Tera Intezar, his previous album, was released 8 months afterward.

The music for Sajid–album Wajid’s was produced by Sajid–Wajid. He also performed a duet with rival Indian Idol runner-up Prajakta Shukre, “Hello Madam and I am your Adam song.

Additionally, he sang God Promise Dil Dola alongside Shreya Ghoshal for the Bollywood movie Shaadi No. 1. He also performed the title track for the drama Ek Ladki Anjaani Si.

Vaidya was a background singer for various films, including Shaadi No. 1, Jigyasa, Hot Money, and Krazzy 4. In 2008, he topped the popular singing contest Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar.

Vaidya sang Be Intehaan Unplugged song from Race 2 in 2013. He produced a new song, Vande Mataram in honor of Independence Day. He and Vinit Singh co-hosted the dancing tv show Aajaa Mahi Vay.

Vaidya topped the singing competition Music Ka Maha Muqqabla as a member of the group Shankar’s Rockstars, which defeated Shaan’s Strikers in the championship. In 2020, Vaidya competed in the contentious reality show Bigg Boss 14, finishing in the 2nd spot.

Here is a list of the 10 best Rahul Vaidya songs of all time

  1. Yaad Teri

Trying to recover from a disastrous love experience? No worries, Rahul Vaidya has a song for those who have encountered heartbreak in love. Surprisingly, the upbeat music and relatable lyrics set it apart from other sorrowful songs. Rather than focusing on the anguish of a breakup, the song recalls all of the beautiful times a person had in love.

Be Intehaan unplugged

Rahul Vaidya has provided his voice for a lot of Bollywood films like Race 2. While Atif Aslam stunned us with his brilliant tunes like Be Intehaan from Race 2, Rahul Vaidya’s unplugged rendition took our experience to the next level. He enchanted us with his beautiful variation on the original rendition.

  1. Aisi Mulaqaton

Are you one of those people that is currently in a loving relationship? Rahul has a Melodious song for you as well. Rahul is the only character in Aisi Mulaqaton Mein. Although the song does not present a tale, its lyrical words serve to define romance and affection.


  1. Fan Song

Rahul Vaidya performs the party theme song, which features Badshaah. Badshaah composed the music and wrote the song. Rahul in these songs is trying some variations apart from slow songs, moreover, it was quite successful at that time.

  1. Tera Intezare

Rahul released his first single, Tera Intezar, produced by Sajid Wajid, 8 months after finishing #2 in Indian Idol. While every song on the list is a pleasure for music lovers, the title tune deserves a rank 3 position in our list.

  1. Hello Madam Song

While Rahul is known for beautiful, soothing songs, his track in the film Shaadi No.1 delivers a very joyful and cheery atmosphere that creates new exciting ways of stunning and catching your crush’s interest.

  1. Lambo

Do you want to set flames to the club nights with your killer moves? Try out Rahul Vaidya’s Lambo. Rahul Vaidya’s composition, like The Doorbea’s hit track, includes Priyanka Khera. For this track, Rahul collaborated with artist Antara Mitra. In terms of its success on YouTube, the song has received over 50 lakh views.

  1. God Promise Dil Dola

Rahul continues to prove us crazy with each successive release. We admire the fact that he does not limit himself to a single genre. His hyped partnership and partnership with Shreya Ghoshal smashed so many milestones that the song God Promise Dil Doda became viral.

  1. Meri Zindagi

Meri Zindagi is one of Rahul Vaidya’s favorite songs. This song was essentially paradise on the planet. Rahul’s beautiful talents were on full display in this song, particularly when he reach the high peaks. He certainly made the chills flow down our souls faster than before.

  1. Ganesh Aarti

Rahul Vaidya contributed vocals to the Ganesh Aarti. One feature that distinguishes the musician’s project is the absence of any other equipment other than the voice. Rahul Vaidya, BeatRAW, and Cypher performed on the two-minute-eighteen-second duration Shendoor Lal Chadayo. It was introduced in September of this year 2019.

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