These 7 Fruits Will Help You Boost Immunity This Winter Season


Winter is almost here and with this changing season comes a ton of reasons why you should boost your immunity and fruits boost immunity big time! The reason being that it’s so easy to fall ill at this current time.

Now, what better and natural way to boost immunity rather than having fruits added to your meals, right? So, here’s a list of 7 fruits that you can have in order to get a shot of immunity boost this coming winter, check the list below.

Boost Immunity Fruits


Guava is sweet and crunchy and with that, it is quite the vessel for nutrients as well. It is rich in Vitamin Cand a has a range of antioxidants. This is why it is a good food to eat for your immunity and can control your blood sugar levels and can take care of your heart.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away, you might have already heard this one. But the quotes capture quite the truth. They are rich in pectin fiber, vitamin C and K and can reduce inflammation in the body as well.

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Orange is one of the tastiest fruit and can be eaten or drink down all over the year. We often see people gulping down on Orange Juice. It can help us stray off seasonal infections and boost immunity as it is a rich source of vitamin C and calcium.



Pears is one of the fruits that we all love to eat due to the soft base that it has and on top of that it has an amazing taste which just melts in our mouth. Apart from that, it is rich in Vitamin E and C.and can help boost immunity



Mosambi is known for its health benefits and it is advised to drink mosambi juice all round the year if you want to improve your health. Now, it is also rich in Vitamin C, just like the other fruits here, and can be eaten up or drank down to get an immunity boost this winter.



Pomegranate which is also known as Anaar is one of the healthiest when it comes to fruits. It can help you against a range of conditions such as BP, heart, weight loss, and prevents skin damage.



Plum which is also known as Aloo Bukhara in India has some of the most strong nutritive values. It is currently being studied as a fighting agent against cancer as it is found to have cancer-fighting properties.

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