Seven Forms of Mild Covid Identified And Know What Changes It Does to The Immune System


The covid-19 virus is still under research and we come across something new every day. This time is the fact that the people having mild covid can be further classified down to 7 different categories.

Apart from that, the recent studies showed that the one’s who recovered from the mild covid attack, have improved and more number of antibody-producing immunity in their bodies. The higher the fever person had at the time of their virus interaction, the better their antibody-producing is.

Seven Forms of Mild Covid Identified And Know What Changes It Does to The Immune System

This helps in determining that with the combined action of the immune system and the antibody production, we get to have a brute force attacking the covid-19 virus the next time it enters.

It is also identified that they leave a trace inside your body for a long time and upon checking we can find those traces later on.

Now, The tests were done upon a group of individuals consisting of 109 recovered Covid-19 patients and 98 healthy individuals in the control group.

The group identified seven different types of individual types of the virus infection starting from symptoms including “flu-like symptoms” with fever, chills, fatigue and cough, “common cold-like symptoms” with rhinitis, sneezing, dry throat and nasal congestion, and “joint and muscle pain”.

These patients might also contract and experience “eye and mucosal inflammation” symptoms, “lung problems” with pneumonia and shortness of breath, “gastrointestinal problems” including diarrhea, nausea and headache, and “loss of sense of smell and taste and other symptoms”.

Winfried F. Pickl, the co-author of the study commented on the whole scenario. He said and we quote “ “In the latter group we found that loss of smell and taste predominantly affects individuals with a ‘young immune system,’ measured by the number of immune cells — T lymphocytes — that have recently emigrated from the thymus gland,”

He continued “ “This means that we were able to clearly distinguish systemic (groups one and three) from organ-specific forms (groups six and seven) of primary Covid-19 disease,”

Winfried F. Pickl also added “However, both the CD4 and CD8 T cell compartment developed memory cells and CD8 T cells remained strongly activated. This indicates that the immune system is still intensively engaged with the disease several weeks after initial infection”

Scientists have been continuously expanding on their research and hope that this helps in a better understanding of the virus. With so much being discovered, they hope that this might be possible of some use in developing a cure soon.

“Our findings contribute to a better understanding of the disease and help us in the development of potential vaccines since we now have access to promising biomarkers and can perform even better monitoring,” Commented the researchers.

They added “Above all, the study shows that the human immune system “doubles up” when defending against Covid-19 with the combined action of immune cells and antibodies,”

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They continued “Now it is a matter of implementing these findings and using them for the development of highly-effective Covid-19 vaccines”

Now, who knows what’s next in the bag for us but it is one positive step as we get to know more and more about the virus.

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