The digital divide in India shows up again as techies game Co-WIN to book slot


After the second wave of COVID-19, one thing got cleared that the only way to fight the pandemic is to vaccinate as many people as possible.

But a new problem has taken its form as the current phase of vaccination for the age group 18-44 is only online and this provision led to the formation of tech and non-tech citizen groups, where non-tech citizens are in the dark.

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To settle this problem, coders have started their job of developing bots using the Co-WIN platform.


While others have found another way to alert people via email and messaging applications like Telegram, and others have found a way to automatically book slots.

The coders are trying their best so that everyone can get vaccinated because hundreds who are desperate to get a vaccine are using the advantage of the loophole available. A fair system will allow everyone to register themselves for vaccination.

The problem is that COVID-19 vaccines are short in supply in India, also the appointment slots for citizens between the age of 18-44 are scarce.

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Many states are facing timing issues as vaccination centers are opening at random timings, making it difficult for people to visit the center.

According to a 2020 National Health Family Survey, 60% of women in 12 states and Union Territories have never used the internet. This shows and proves that registering only on an online portal is not a good decision by the health ministry.

Like this, citizens who know about the internet will only be eligible to register themselves on the online portal and the rest will be left alone without getting a vaccination.

The country is already facing a shortage of vaccines, what this can actually mean is that chances of those who are unaware of the usage of the internet is close to zero and can never compete with their counterparts.

Recently, developers have come up with a new way to help those unfamiliar with the registration process. They have built a small browser extension that queries the Co-WIN API and alerts the user when a slot opens.

However, some of the developers also managed to build automated scripts that will automatically book a slot for them as soon as a slot is available.

Like this, many problems have been solved for such people, but the developers are still looking for a better solution.

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