Bothered By WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy? Follow Our Guidelines To Delete Your Whatsapp Account Safe and Secure

Are you one of those who despise WhatsApp for almost coercing its users to accept its new update on its privacy policy? For a while all the users have been getting annoyed with the new pop-up of new terms and conditions that the Facebook developed app- WhatsApp has put itself through to make some changes and upgrade the security and privacy.


But as we all know the app has been filtering out out details and sharing it to Facebook. Because of this meagre situation, many have deleted their accounts with WhatsApp and downloaded other related private message tools.

However if you are part of the gang that thinks WhatsApp will delete your account if you don’t agree to its terms and conditions by a set time period then worry not, things are different.

WhatsApp will only reduce the features available to your account so that you gradually cave in but otherwise none of your accounts will be deleted.

How to delete your Whatsapp account


If you still wish to delete your whatsapp account then these are the steps you need to follow:

1. Start with  a backup:

Make sure you have backed up all the important chats and data that you will require in future after your WhatsApp is deleted. Start with the chats you want to hold back and save by exporting it (from the chat info option on IOS and the three dot menu button from the top right corner). Now your messages and media will be saved.

2. Use Broadcast list:

With the back up done, you don’t have to notify all the chats individually that you are leaving WhatsApp. Just use the  broadcast list instead of the copy pasting hassle you might go through.

3. Deleting your account:


Now you can proceed towards deleting your Whatsapp account completely. In the app choose the settings option on the bottom right corner. choose account option and select delete account button.


choose the three button menu option on the top right corner and search for delete my account option.

On both your devices-android as well as IOS, the app will ask for input and verification for your number. Tap on the red Delete my Account option to completely delete your profile and erase all your data.

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After this, your account will permanently be deleted along with all your WhatsApp groups. All your message history on the app and chats backed up to Goggle Drive and iCloud will be lost depending on which messaging service you used to save them such as signal private messenger. You can make a new account once again with WhatsApp but all your old data will be lost forever.


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