LPU Student Jahnavi Dangeti becomes first Indian to finish a Nasa programme


Jahnavi Dangeti, a 2nd engineering graduate from Palakollu in West Godavari, has been fascinated by the wonders of space and faraway planets since she was a child. Her grandma, on the other hand, piqued her attention even further with her fairytales.

Jahnavi, an ambitious scientist, set a record by being the first Indian to complete the International Air and Space Program (IASP) at Nasa Launch Services’ Kennedy Space Center in Alabama, US.


Jahnavi has finished the whole astronaut programme at Kennedy Space Center, making the country proud. The astronaut programme included zero gravity training, multi-access coaching, and underwater rocket launches. according to Jahnavi. She also took her maiden flight in an aero plane.

Jahnavi Dangeti NASA Success Journey

Jahnavi Dangeti NASA Success Journey

She aced the IASP interview with the help of her LPU educators and relocated to the United States to pursue this degree. Jahnavi was also named mission director for ‘Team Kennedy,’ where she oversaw a team of 16 people from various nations.

Her team was successful in launching and landing a small rocket into the sky. Her drive, effort, commitment, and decisions enabled her to complete the tasks. She went through several stages before becoming an astronaut. Kenneth D. Cameron, a former American naval aviator and previous NASA astronaut, mentored her there as well.

Mr Ashok Mittal, Chancellor of LPU, commended the industrious student and urged her to take on the mantle of India’s globally renowned astronauts such as Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams.

Jahnavi is also an enthusiastic member of the student organization ‘Robotics and Intelligent System Community (RISC)’ at Lovely professional university. Additionally, which pushes its members to go above and beyond their abilities and establish new goals. Jahnavi said LPU has provided us with this prominent platform for going beyond the horizon.

Jahnavi stated that her greatest ambition is to be one of the initial Indians to set foot on Mars. As per interview with the Times of India. Jahnavi said I am taking every possibility to reach my desire by taking part in numerous jobs, workshops as well as hackathons. I have actually functioned faithfully evaluating photos captured by the Pan-STARRS satellite in quest of unexposed planets. Our group made 16 initial explorations as well as found one provisionary exploration.

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