Teacher’s Day 2020: Celebrate Digitally & Make Your Teachers Feel Special


You might want to wish your teachers but this lockdown has made it impossible for anyone to celebrate the teacher’s day in its traditional form. But who cares, we can still celebrate the occasion and make our teachers feel special.

Just like they did not stop with the excuse of pandemic and kept on grinding their bones over those hectic zoom calls in order to educate us.

So, here is a list of ideas that you can try out to celebrate teachers’ day in a digital manner.

teacher's day

Wishing Over Zoom Calls

Zoom Calls, Well! isn’t it the favorite and most loved app among the masses during the lockdown. It helped us stay connected and we find the meaning of life goes on using those non-buffering zoom calls only.

This is what makes a collaborated zoom call wish to your teacher, a very special way to wish them. Write a song, script, draw placards, or anything creative that you can do over a Zoom call and surprise your teacher, just like that.


Making a Dedicated Website 

Host a website that highlights your love for your teachers and marking their achievements as well and share the links all over that place, especially with them.

This idea is not only creative but cost-effective as you can use free content management tools such as Blogger or Wix as well instead of a full website hosting. And you’ll get to learn something new, which goes well with the theme of the teacher’s day as well.


Sending Gift Cards

You have their phone number and their email ID’s by now as you must have attended those Zoom calls and send over the required assignments already.

So, using those Id’s, just purchase a gift card in their name and send it over to them for a nice punch of surprise. You can look at Amazon, Flipkart, and many other brands to stores giving out gift cards that can be used for a purchase at a later date.


Ordering a Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizzas? Not you, not us, and certainly not your teacher. And in current tines where you can get anything delivered, order them something they’d like to eat whether it is Pizza or something else.


E-commerce to Save The Day

This is the simplest yet most meaningful idea. Just figure out what your teacher might need and order it out from an e-commerce store. Voila! you get happy teachers to face right there.

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