Unique gifting ideas for surprising your Tech junkie friends.


Selecting a gift for your nitpicking tech weirdo friend can be a real hassle and can take long hours of research on the internet about the best tech trend right now. And it happens sometimes that you’ve selected a gift sometime but it’s not something they’ve wanted and it may end up in you being disheartened. It’s better to take help in cases like these, here is a list of few trending items that will suit perfectly as the best gifting option for you right now.

Premium subscription of favorite online service

They do get tired after a long day hustling with code, circuits and all the tech stuff, so at the end of the day all they want to do is chill out with some of the best means of entertainment. Make them spill their guts out on which service they would like to avail like amazon prime, Netflix or even Spotify. They’d be happy with the thought, that you do care about them being in a good mood.


WMCH Drone

What’s better than having your own personal copter which can fly high and also record moments. Its a dream device for any tech lover out there. But remember there are some strict rules and regulations that need to be followed when flying drones. So make sure that your drone is cleared of any type of legal certificate and would not have them ended up behind the bars for breaking the privacy act.


C type clamp for Mac users

https://images-na.ssl-images amazon.com/images/I/71tf8yOgEhL._SL1500_.jpg

Any apple MacBook user constantly goes through the struggle of fidgeting through ports and finding their devices incompatible with the Apple machine. This c type clamp solves the issue and can be easily hooked to your system providing you with all the ports that you need. There are a lot of devices performing the same function but, the ergonomic design helps it to blend with the MacBook and it doesn’t look odd when used along with beautifully designed apple devices.

A Virtual Assistant for Home

“Hi, Alexa, what’s the weather today”, can be the starting of their day and they would love to have a virtual assistant as powerful as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The assistant made their day fairly easy and a tech guy had to do a  lot of research along with their day, so having help waiting by their side seems like a nice idea.


Air pods

The Air pods actually revolutionized the entire industry and they are not the best in business regarding the sound quality but they have a certain appeal to them. The mixture of flexibility and technology blended together is good enough to lure a tech junkie towards the air pods. It’s a perfect gift if they are into music and own an I phone. If not Air pods then you can also go for looking for similar technology in different brands such as Mivi, who had unveiled its latest lineup of earbuds just like Air pods.

Go pro

Your buddy loves to make vlogs and going outdoors to get the feel of nature, they may love the idea of a camera which can record HD videos and handles motion blur reduction. The whole idea behind the Go pro is to make them enjoy their trip without having a camera attached to their hands 24×7.


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