Simple Methods on How to Improve your Singing Skills


The inner desire to sing emerges to all of us someday, it increases if someone praises your singing, right? So, to improve your singing skills there a few methods mentioned below. The melodious sound makes us enchanted those kinds of sounds can impress everyone around us. And some people do have a naturally good voice as well, but they don’t sound that good when compared to the original music.

And this often leaves them disheartened and they just drop their want of becoming good at the craft of singing. But there are simple ways which are used by professionals, which makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd and could possibly polish your singing skills too.

Of course! No trick can work against natural talent and hard work that a singer puts into their daily practice sessions. But still applying some basic techniques which are most often ignored by many, you can sound better overnight.

singing skills

Take Deep Breaths 

The first thing that you can do towards making your sound more melodious is to take in more breath than you usually do. Imagine this, that the sound you produce is just vibrations in the spectrum of air and you need more of that air to propagate your sound perfectly.

So, when you are inhaling while singing, try to expand your whole rib cage and pack your diaphragm with sufficient air. Don’t overdo it or else, you’ll look like an expanded balloon trying to throw up.


Don’t Drop Your Chest

The more fuel your car stores, the more distance it can cover. Which is exactly the case with your diaphragm. If you’re sitting in a position where you’re dropping your chest and cramping the space for air. Then while inhaling you’ll end up inhaling fewer amounts of air and believe us! you need as much air as you can for singing proper notes.


Open Your Mouth Fully

Now, it comes down to how you used up the air inside your chest to produce sound and for that, you would have to use your mouth a lot. The mouth is the propagator of sound and it needs to be working at its full capacity in order to produce good sound.

And how will that happen? It’ll happen when you’ll give maximum space for the air to gush out. So, it makes sense to sing with an open mouth rather than mumbling under your breath.

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Tounge Down

Your tongue is responsible for producing a sound that you hear. Now, its good while taking but while singing and especially taking high notes, it obstructs the flow of sound. Which is not its natural position for it would want to rise and stick to the top half of the mouth. This is why you need to stick your tongue to the downside of your mouth. It is something that generates a nasal voice as well.


Throat Opening Exercise

Try some throat opening exercise regularly. it’ll definitely be something gruesome and uncomfortable but it’ll eventually open up your throat in the long run.

Now, if you’ve read until here, then you’re most familiar with the concept of needing more air for a better voice, which is why you need to open up your throat with the exercise of a different kind.

These were a few tips to improve your singing skills if you have a singing journey and a melodious voice. Share with us on our Instagram handle (flickonclick) if any of the above helped you.

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