Detox Yourself from the Heavy Pollution That Surrounds Us Post Diwali Celebration.

Detox Yourself from the Pollution From Post Diwali.

Diwali is a festival of lights but the meaning of light has not been the very same as it used to be back in the day when Diwali first came into existence. During ancient times, it was more about lighting up Diyas and making everything look mesmerizing as it is but today its more about lighting up firecrackers and making the air around us filthy as ever.

There are ways in which one can detox themselves from the air-pollution too and it includes some preventive methods as well as some ways in which you can get the toxins out of your body.

Face Mask

While getting a pollution detox to make sure not to get any more polluted get inside your body and the best way other than staying at home all day long is using a simple and handy, face mask.

Liver Detox Supplement

chlorella is a liver detox supplement and can clear out the harmful toxins and other products from your liver. It contains a long fiber called Fucans which gets attached to things like heavy metals and neutralize them, making you intact from heavy metal poisoning, which can give you a pretty rough time if not dealt properly.


Maintain Iodine Levels

Iodine can clear out toxins and heavy metals out of your system and make our system clean. The body produces Thyroid and Iodine deficiency affects the thyroid levels. The thyroid can help fight heavy metals and toxins present in the liver and if Iodine levels are lower, it fails to do that. So, keep your Iodine count in the balanced state to get a natural cleansing.


Vitamin C is Important

Vitamin C is the most active antioxidant which can be found in our body and it helps the Cardiovascular system. While helping the Cardiovascular system, it helps the lungs too as they supply the air which goes through the cardiovascular system.



There is a very common deficiency seen in many adults and that’s due to missing Selenium component in our staple diet. While on a lower level it does not harm that much but can go long ways reaching up to the extent of lung and prostate cancer. Maintain a good selenium level by eating some brazil nuts and brown rice, which will strengthen your system against your chances of getting hit by the polluted air.

Sunlight is Good for You

Sunlight provides us with Vitamin D and while it is known for making bones strong, the other thing it does is, it can regulate the population of good bacteria in the airways and save people from asthma attacks which are caused by air-pollution majorly.

Herbs and Nature’s products Can Work Like Magic

There are different herbs and plant-based products present that can make your Liver function back to normal and cleanse it for the presence of any kind of toxins or external agents that could possibly harm your health.

schizandra, milk thistle, bitter herb gentian are examples of some of the very useful herbs and products used in the process.

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