Getting Yourself Into Shape After COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us and while it mentally affected all of us, it has thrashed our physical fitness as well. The reason being that we have been sitting inside our homes for so long without doing nothing that getting a layer of fat was unavoidable.

This is not something made up, you can easily spot a friend of yours who you’ve seen before lockdown looking all in shape and not they’re just not. Well! There must be something that we need to do, and that something is just making sure that we get back in shape.

Out of a million ways to do the same, we enlisted some of the best and the ones which produce fast results as well.

Getting Yourself Into Shape After COVID-19 Pandemic

Add Some Cardio to Your Day

Adding a significant amount of cardio helps in burning excess fat and it also removes excess toxins from the body. While doing so, you’re making sure that your mental health is also getting a jolt of goodness at the same time with things such as runners’ high and personal accomplishments.

Resistance Based Exercise

Add resistance and it will help you get better from the last day, this way while losing weight you’ll also be gaining strength as your muscle will get trained to work under more tension and resistance. In this time of Covid-19 ,adding resistance will increase your body immunity to fight against this virus.

Protein Intake

Protein is the most talked-about nutritive content when we talk about fitness, and why it shouldn’t be? It has qualities that no other macro provide. Now, add protein to your diet and if you’re someone new to this, for an average person the protein intake should be 2X gms into their body within Kilograms.

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Vitamins and Minerals

They are an important part of the diet and while taking care of your basic functionality they also strengthen the immune system. So, with that being said, we don’t think we need to further explain their usefulness, or do we?

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