Schools Reopening: Classes 9th to 12th Will be Reopened Starting 21st September

School Reopening: Classes 9th to 12th Will be Reopened Starting 21st September

The schools in Delhi are finally going to open up starting this 21st of September but with a different set of rules than before. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has allowed the operating of face to face learning methods for schools as of now.

But this doesn’t mean that the schools are completely opened up. The students from class 9th to 12th are the only ones allowed to take these face to face classes.

Now, the current situation is that the pandemic is not over and we’re opening up things due to the economy crashing. This is why the schools are not recommended to go at full strength but only call those students who are having difficulty in the online medium due to lack of facility or the students who need a practical medium for learning.

The SOP for the schools before opening up includes sanitization of the campus with a solution made up of 1 percent of sodium hypochlorite solutions. And the campus should have gloves, face masks, visors, and much more available at the campus.

Also, people that can get easily affected by the COVID-19 virus should not be called on campus. Some of these people include pregnant mothers, elderly people, and people having serious diseases.

“This SOP outlines various generic precautionary measures to be adopted in addition to specific measures to be taken when schools are permitting students (for 9th to 12th class)… All States/UTs are expected to comply with the COVID-19 related guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.” is mentioned in the SOP guidelines.

Assembly or aggregation of a mass of people at one place is p[rogibited in the school campus and social distancing norms have to be followed at all times. The common areas at high risk of spreading coronavirus such as swimming pools, assembly halls have to remain shut.

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The schools can only call a student after taking permission from the guardian and the student. And the schools are to open in a hybrid manner where they will be operating both via online and offline mode. This is why students are recommended to stay home if they can.

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