Two Companies Got Notice for Laying off Staff Due to Corona Epidemic


The story comes from New Delhi where two lawyers brought out the 30-years old Supreme Court PIL to working “on its motion” against three software firms and warn them for laying off staff due to corona epidemic

Added to this, the company made blockage on salaries of more than 100 employees with unprecedented excuses.

The period of lockdown has made it a necessity for people to strive hard every day. And it has been quite harsh for the workforce in the country like ours especially. 

Advocate Rajesh Inamdar and T.C. Shaikh sent legal notices to two firms, one based in Pune and another in Gurgaon.

These firms are believed to have been issuing termination letters to 100 employees and announced salary cuts for separate departments.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to all levels of business owners to prevent job recession during the lockdown.

But when the two lawyers were informed about cooking something in these two firms related to employees, the two advocates decided to act on their own.

Inamdar and Shaikh brought their opposition into the matter and reminded them of the fact that they could be indulged in prosecution under the National Disaster Management Act for sacking employees during a pandemic or outbreak.

The firm has ruled their actions against the law to clutter their workforce without providing any valid reasons.

The two advocates brought Court’s attention to the fact that these companies are liable for prosecution under Sections 51 and 55 of the National Disaster Management Act, 2005.

The firm exercised the advantages of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. And the Court has ruled in favor of the employees.

This decision has left the three companies to be liable for paying for the damages under-compensation to all the affected employees.

As for the job recession, the companies are requested to hold any sacking until the lockdown is over and prevent the ruining of employees financially and mentally.

Both private and government sector has been hit hard during the pandemic and it continues to do so for this undetermined lockdown.

Both Inamdar and Shaikh have urged to all capital establishments to stand together in this difficult period our country is facing and support their workforce, in every possible way until a prominent solution is found.

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There are companies which are going under loss and even then maintaining their workforce for they know value human resource the proper way.

Companies like TCS, Dabur, Ola, Axis Bank and many more have been taking good care of their employees during the time of crisis and we should learn from them as well.

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