Punjabi Sexy Movie List| 10 Hot Punjabi Film to Watch Online Free

Sexy Punjabi Films to Watch Online List


Punjabi Sexy Movie List| 10 Hot Punjabi Film to Watch Online Free: The Punjabi hot movies have taken the Indian film industry by storm. The hottest Punjabi films are now some of the best movies that you can watch online for free. The Punjabi sexy movie list compiles the sexiest Punjabi films that you watch right now. The hot Punjabi movies listed here are known for their intriguing plots that will keep you guessing. Here we have talked about only those Punjabi hot films that are fully entertaining and will keep you glued to your screens.

Punjabi Sexy Movie

Punjabi Sexy Movie List | Sexy Punjabi Film

1- Lover


This is a latest Punjabi sexy movie that you can watch online for free. The hot Punjabi film follows Lally who is madly in love with his schoolmate, Heer. However, the two are separated due to unfortunate circumstances. This forces them to begin a series of adventures to get to their love.

2- Kala Shah Kala

A dark-complexioned man gets married to a beautiful girl. Before he could start to woo his wife he learns that his wife is possessed by an evil spirit. This makes him question his decisions. This is one of the best Punjabi sexy films to watch online for free.

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3- Qismat

Bani and Shivjit pretend to be dating in order to enrage her ex-boyfriend. However, when they both fall in love with one another, things change. This is one of the best hot films on this list of best Punjabi sexy movie.

4- Qismat 2

The second part of Qismat deserves to be on this Punjabi sexy movie list. The film explores the life of the couple further. As Shivjit and Bani’s relationship develops, they experience many ups and downs that put their dedication to one another to the test.

5- Jatt James Bond

Well, this is your desi version of James Bond. Shinda and his buddies decide to rob a bank in order for him to marry the love of his life after experiencing mistreatment from his family. Certainly one of the most entertaining Punjabi hot movies.

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6- Surkhi Bindi

Raano, who has aspirations of moving to Canada, is compelled to wed Sukha. Unaware of what is to come, she opens a beauty salon with the help of her husband in order to save the necessary funds. This is surely one of the best Punjabi sexy movies to watch online for free.

7- Titoo MBA

Last but not least on the Punjabi sexy movie list is Titoo MBA. Titoo wants to start his own business, but he has no luck. Due to mounting debt, he is forced to work as a gigolo and keeps his unusual employment a secret from his wife, Gulshan Kaur.

8- Main Viyah Nahi Karona Tere Naal

A Canadian YouTuber and a Punjabi girl, complete opposites, discover a spark between them as they bond and she helps him reconnect with his cultural roots during their time together. This Punjabi sexy film stars Sonam Bajwa in the lead. Just for that it is a must watch Punjabi sexy movie right now.

9- Sargi

Babbu has cherished his love for Sargi since their college days. Sargi, in a desperate bid to assist her family and travel abroad, concocts a fake marriage, unwittingly attracting the affections of three eligible suitors who have fallen head over heels for her. Sargi is a great Punjabi sexy film to watch online.

10- Muklawa

After Shinda ties the knot with Taaro, he faces a period of anticipation as he abides by the age-old tradition known as ‘Muklawa,’ during which the bride returns to her maternal home shortly after their marriage. Another hot Punjabi film which you should not miss.


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