7 Best Sexy Korean Movies on Netflix, & Prime Video that are worth watching


Hello, Korean movie lovers! It’s time to spice up your binge list with something new and amusing. Things that will undoubtedly ramp up the intensity. While Korean directors are well-recognized for crafting thriller films, they are also experts in sexy Korean movies. Whenever it comes to displaying love-making sequences, they are the greatest. And, unlike other sensual films, sexy Korean films include action, suspense, adventure, and tragic romance. So, without further ado, scroll to the bottom to see a selection of 7 of the best Sexy Korean Movies to heat your vibe.

Frozen Flower one of the Best Sexy Korean Movies

Here is the list of Sexy Korean Movies to binge-watch right away

Frozen Flower

A Frozen Flower is more than just a critically acclaimed picture because of its remarkable plot and craftsmanship. Indeed, it ended up winning several prizes. The plot centers around a homosexual ruler who is unable to give his dynasty a successor. He requests that his lover/bodyguard conceive with his wife.

Eventually, the story becomes a love triangle once his lover & queen begin a full-fledged relationship and become infatuated with one other. This is one of the Sexy Korean Movies on Netflix, produced by Yoo Ha & featuring Jo In-sung, Song Ji-Hyo, Joo Jin-mo, and is one of the few that addresses such a unique plot and is based on homosexuality.

Sweet and Sour

When presented with real-world opportunities and issues, a couple faces the challenges and pitfalls of attempting to maintain a long-distance relationship going.

Jang Hyuk is a man who wants both a career & romance with his girlfriend Da Eun, and Bo Young is a lady he meets elsewhere. It’s a humorous love story about three people’s tough connections as they progress through their lives. It’s one of Netflix’s Sexy Korean Movies.

The Last Princess

The Last Princess’ chronicles Deok-hye, the very last princess of the Joseon Kingdom, while she is compelled to leave South Korea & migrate to Japan after the country is captured by Japan. Life in a strange country is challenging, and while Deok-hye strives to maintain her honor, the life of affluence she was accustomed to does seem a thing of the past.

The princess makes numerous attempts to go home, but her attempts are always futile. However, when Deok-hye runs across her early life lover, Jang-han, the two decide to give it one last shot. It is one of the few Sexy Korean Movies available on Amazon Prime.

Tune in for Love

This is a narrative on the ideas of love and trust. This Korean movie, which is now available on Netflix, depicts how a loving relationship can withstand years of unhappiness.

It’s the best  Korean love story about a professor and a scholar who once meet in the 1990s but are torn apart by destiny. They continued to cross paths at various periods in time, but destiny is not in their favor. The film is a roller coaster ride of various emotions.

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The Thieves

The Thieves,’ a humorous yet exhilarating heist thriller, follows a group of South Korean robbers as they contact a more well-known Hong Kong squad for help in robbing an expensive necklace from a Macau casino.

However, as police draw up on the crooks and the organization is ripped apart by historic rivalries, disappointments, and misunderstandings, everything draws to a head. It is one of the most Sexy Korean Movies available on Netflix.

The Attorney

The Attorney’ is a Korean historic melodrama inspired by the factual story of Song Woo-Seok, a human rights activist. The movie is set in the 1980s and accompanies Song as he embarks on a lawsuit that would turn his life eternally.

The Attorney is a dramatic and poignant film brimming with emotion and mystery. It’s also an uplifting film with a strong message about sticking up for what is right. If you’re looking for a decent Korean film to enjoy, ‘The Attorney’ is a must-see.


What about including a sensual horror flick in the lineup? Thirst is the very first South Korean film created in collaboration with Hollywood. Sang-Hyun, a Catholic priest, takes part in a study designed to develop a vaccine for the Emmanuel Virus (EV).

When the project fails, he is saved by a blood transfusion. However, he eventually discovers himself attached to his friend’s wife as well as realizes that he has transformed into a vampire and that to stay alive, he must continue to consume blood.

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