10 Sexy French Movies to Watch on Netflix, and Prime Video 


If you want to master French or are tired of watching English content, you’re in good fortune: there are loads of amazing French movies to stream on OTT in November 2022. Whether you’re looking for a riotous comedy or a heart-breaking drama, there’s no more effective way to learn French and become acquainted with the French accent than by watching a good movie. Movies are a terrific method to not just amuse yourself but also enhance your listening comprehension. To get you started, we’ve compiled a selection of the top sexy French movies available on OTT currently.

Spoiled Brats is one of the best Sexy French movies on Netflix

Here are the best French movies to watch on OTT in 2022


Amour translates “love” into French. And the tale of this elderly couple exemplifies this perfectly. George and Anne have been in love for years and have enjoyed their lives to the fullest with one another by their sides. When Anne has a stroke, George’s life is thrown upside down. But George refuses to give up. He does everything in his power to assist her recovery. Amour is a fantastic picture of romance, and if you’re in love or have ever felt that way, this film will pop back to you. Amour, which won the Palme d’Or in 2013, features Emmanuelle Riva & Jean-Louis Trintignant in the key roles.

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I Lost My Body

I Lost My Body was a crazy experience to watch. On the exterior, this animated picture is about a wounded hand’s journey to reunite its body. I Lost My Body is a narrative about self-discovery and regaining your foothold in society, packed with symbolism and instances that will leave you feeling like you’re witnessing more than what’s portrayed. This film’s music is without a doubt among the best and is vastly underappreciated. It is one of Netflix’s best animated French movies.

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Each shot of this picture is addressed with such fascination that as a viewer, you can’t help but be drawn into the war-torn atmosphere of a hypothetical Middle-Eastern country resembling Lebanon. The plot revolves around identical siblings who, following their mom’s death, experience her chaotic life via letters she sent. She has indeed left two letters, one for their clueless father and another for their brother who was never known before. Incendies is a movie that is completely worth seeing on prime video.

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Back to School

This film follows two buddies who grew up at the bottom of the social pyramid but went on to have incredibly successful careers. When the pals are presented with the chance to attend their middle school reunion, they quickly see it as a chance to showcase their mature achievements in front of their childhood torturers. Of course, things don’t go as expected, as the men continue to deal with old crushes and enemies from their childhood. It’s one of the best lighthearted French movies on Netflix.

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Spoiled Brats

Three spoilt siblings struggle to deal with the difficulties of life lacking money while their wealthy father claims to have lost his wealth. The film follows each of the children as they attempt to cope with life as genuine grownups who must earn their own money. Whereas the film is mostly intended for comedic amusement, some wonderful happy-go-lucky undertones are revolving around family, discovering one’s individuality, and the value of hard work. Spoiled Brats is a one-of-a-kind French movie available on Netflix

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Laurence anyways

The film examines the touchy subject of gender fluidity with so much sensitivity and tenderness that by the conclusion, you’ll feel a close relationship with the protagonists. The tale takes place in the 1990s and features Laurence, who informs his girlfriend Fred that he wishes to transform into a woman. What ensues is how these two deal with the world, their relatives, and friends, all of whom have opposing views. Laurence anyways is one of the best french movies to watch on amazon prime video, with a unique story.

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The Intouchables

Driss, a street-smart immigrant, is employed to look after Philippe (played by François Cluzet), a quadriplegic royal. They develop a peculiar friendship that is not only advantageous to both parties but also genuine and uplifting. The film is a tearjerker, and especially Ludovico Einaudi’s Unna Mattina music in the backdrop, you’ll be all soggy at the conclusion. The Intouchables is one of the finest French movies available on Netflix.

. OTT Platform: Netflix

Street Flow

The story provides an incredible glimpse into the challenges and trials of having to grow up in these sometimes-unstable locations. The movie follows the smallest of three brothers as he develops his personality in the context of two very contrasting influences in his older siblings. Will he follow the path of the dedicated lawyer or join a drug-dealing criminal who resides on the outskirts? The movie focuses on the hardships of growing up in such French slums.

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The Takedown

The plot revolves around two policemen who couldn’t be more dissimilar and who are ordered to work together once again decades after their last partnership terminated. A dead body leads the duo into a series of escapades involving drug trafficking gangs and white extremists. There will be a lot of filthy jokes, sarcasm, and ridiculous action and stunts. While this film received mixed reactions, it’s a good viewing if you’re looking for something light on Netflix.

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I Am Not An Easy Man

I Am Not An Easy Man chronicles Damien, a shameless male chauvinist, as he spends his life without regard for his sexist actions. That is before he smashes his forehead and changes the cosmos, causing Damien to be pushed into a matriarchal civilization. Damien is exposed to the exact sexist treatment he has given women his entire adult life in this fresh start, causing him to see himself in a new way. This was the very first French movie to be released on Netflix, and it’s an interesting start to French satire.

OTT Platform: Netflix

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