PUBG Mobile India Relaunch Date: Download Link, PUBG Mobile Esports 2021 And More Updates

PUBG Mobile India Relaunch Date: Download Link, PUBG Mobile Esports 2021 And More Updates

Making an official announcement of launching PUBG Mobile India by PUBG Corporation back in November 2020, led to the inundation of numerous posts on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and other platforms too. This resulted in the restoration of the gaming spirit in enthusiastic gamers, but it has been nearly two months and on top of that new year has also arrived, still, we haven’t heard good news since then.

As many aspiring gamers are eagerly waiting for the launch of PUBG Mobile India, now a lot of rumors are spreading that PUBG Mobile India is going to be launched in the second and third week of January, which can be a breathtaking moment for them if the source is genuine. After all, these facts are not verified and PUBG corporation has not made any statement regarding this.

Then, there are other unverified sources that genuinely claim that PUBG Mobile India is highly expected to release between January 15 and January 19. And, on the other hand, other remaining sources claim that the game will not be launched before March 2021. There are a lot of mixed rumors to confuse your mind, so we suggest you not to believe such rumors until the company announces official statements.

PUBG Mobile India’s rival FAUG (Indian game) is finally releasing on 26th January 2021, that is, on The Republic Day which will be an honor for this Made in India game. And, its release date has already increased pressure on PUBG Mobile India to launch as soon as possible.

PUBG Corporation has clearly mentioned that it will create a secure gameplay environment for the Indian audience by including fully clothed characters and green blood stains instead of red. The company also promises to repeatedly maintain the personal data of all Indian players in a secure manner as they have cut their ties from Tencent (Chinese) Company and made a deal with Microsoft Corporation to restore all the previous data.

It has been reported that PUBG Mobile India has been heavily customized for the Indian gaming community. The download links which you are seeing on the third-party websites will take you to the Korean version as it is not been restricted by the government. But still, it is illegal to play the game by using other means as the ban is still imposed by the Indian government.

A few days ago, PUBG Mobile Director James Yang revealed the details of PUBG Mobile Esports’ plan for 2021 in a video. The winning cash prize is expected to be Rs. 6 Crore this time with a minimum salary ranging from Rs. 40,000/- to Rs. 2 Lakh for tier 1 teams. The game will offer cash prizes for special categories as well.

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