PUBG Mobile India Changed to “Battlegrounds Mobile India” on Facebook Page: Big Updates, Release Date


A lot of advancements have been made by the Krafton company to launch PUBG Mobile in India after it got banned in September 2020. Earlier, it was about to launch by the name of PUBG Mobile India along with some alterations in the game set according to Indian government concerns and now, the multiplayer game will launch with a new name – Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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This news was first flashed on the official social platforms of the company like on the company’s official Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Indian website. On top of that, some reliable sources confirm that the fans have to wait for a month now to enjoy their favorite game once again with a new look.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Last week, PUBG India uploaded a couple of YouTube videos and immediately they were removed after a few minutes. Some say that this was a mistake and some say that the company did this on purpose in order to give a hint to all the fans that the game will be out soon, just like ‘Rockstar Games’ do.

Krafton company has made numerous attempts to bring back the most favorite game of Indian gamers, but every time it fails to do so as it couldn’t stand on the government’s terms. This time many changes have been made in the game in order to please the Indian government and change its name can also be a part of doing so.

Uploading videos and changing the name of the game at the same time cannot be a mistake, it must be a hint for enthusiastic players that the game will launch soon. And now, changing the name brings a lot more surety as PUBG Mobile India’s official Facebook page shows “@BattlegroundsMobileIN” suggesting that the game may relaunch as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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Furthermore, there is another page on Facebook called Battlegrounds Mobile India which claims to be the official PUBG Mobile India page but is not verified. It also shows the banner with the name of the game – Battlegrounds Mobile India along with “coming soon”. The page links to the official PUBG Mobile India website and there too we get to see the same message, that is, “coming soon”.

A few days ago, many PUBG Mobile India YouTube subscribers received notifications of a new 6-second teaser which was uploaded on the official channel and immediately removed. The subscribers say that it had the title “All-New PUBG MOBILE coming to India #1”.

But Krafton company has not shared any information on the release of PUBG Mobile India on any platform yet. So, the release of the game is still a mystery to everyone. There is a lot to know about the release of this game.

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