Top 7 Solo Travel Countries to Visit on Earth You Can Explore


Sitting at home during the time of pandemic may have made you furious and anxious too. You want to step out and want to relax your mind and solo travel seems to be the only option which can offer you peace and harmony. We know that you are waiting for the right time and have already started planning to choose places where you want to go. But do not worry as we have made it easy for you to select your preferable place to mention on your must-visit place list.

We have selected the top 7 must-visit places for solo travel in your life and you should give it a look because we provide you the best information for your preferences.

Top 7 Countries to Visit on Earth for Solo Travel

  1. Mexico

    Solo Travel

When it comes to choosing a country for a solo travel adventure, then Mexico is the number one place to visit once in a lifetime. Its delicious street food will make you fall in love with this place. You will always find mouth-watering tacos, tamales, and enchiladas everywhere to feed your belly which is among the most street food. Mexico is not all about food, it also has an irresistible art culture which is a mix of classic works and modern folk art. To admire the traditional works of famous painters like Gerardo Murillo and Diego Rivera, then you should absolutely visit the Museo Nacional de Arte: MUNAL and Palacio Nacional in Mexico City. Now, this might sound new to you, but Mexico is all about wrestling too. A wildly popular show known as La Lucha Libre is hosted every Tuesday and Friday. This is a must-watch show and should never miss if you are a true wrestling fan. The best part about this show is that food and beer flow freely.Healthy Food Options With Alcohol That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

  1. Greece

It doesn’t matter if you are vegan or a seafood lover because Greece has a lot to offer as it is well-known for its production of olives and olive oil which are widely used in salads and cooking. Its local specialties are tzatziki moussaka and mouth-watering fast-food Souvlaki. Apart from being famous for its delicious food, Greece is mostly known for hospitality because Greeks are very generous when inviting outsiders and they carry a cake or a wine while visiting their friends. You will always feel comfortable around them as they will appreciate your presence all the time. You might be wondering after going through the photos of this beautiful place that this might sum up to a costly trip, but you are wrong. This is the most affordable place in entire Europe as the cost of accommodation and food is less expensive.

  1. New Zealand

It is the second most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index. The country is a haven for outsiders, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts who love traveling on their feet and cover great miles. You will always meet fjords, rainforests, and waterfalls in the whole country. When it comes to taste wine then this is the world-famous country for its quality, and the fun fact is that New Zealand is only one percent producer of the wine of the world’s total. Visiting wineries would be a good option and make sure you do visit them because people are very generous over there and who knows you might come back with a lot of fresh wine in packed bottles.Know Which Country Permits Indian Driving License to Travel

  1. Switzerland

Talking about beauty without mentioning Switzerland’s name would be totally unfair as it is mostly known for its stunning beauty and there cannot be a better way to explore Switzerland than by train. It would be so fascinating visiting such a country which invented milk chocolate that it will definitely increase your attraction for it. Instead of picking up a bar of Toblerone or Lindt from a grocery store, you should pay a visit to Lucerne and Zurich which is a chocolate-themed park, and should never miss its famous world-famous chocolate factories.International Air Travel Resuming for These 13 Countries

  1. Spain
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You may have heard that Spain is famous for its beaches, but it is a country of diverse landscapes too. This place is blessed with exotic food and is a haven for those who love to drink beer. This is going to be an excellent fact for you that ordering many drinks from a bar will earn you a free plate of tapas, a fascinating tradition that every other country should think of adopting. Spain is also known for its rich and diverse history as it is one of the best examples of Moorish architecture in the world. It tells you about the creativity of Spain’s most powerful Islamic rulers and the rich legacy that has been passed on to modern Spain. Surviving in Spain is much easier as compared to other countries as Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages and many of you may have learned the basics in your high school or college. Spain could give you a lot take aways if you’re up for a solo travel and looking out to explore your inner self.

  1. Japan

Visiting an Asian country will be a whole different experience for a solo traveler like you who wants to explore cultural and divine places like Japan. The most amazing fact about this country is that the culture of this nation is an interesting blend of Eastern traditions and Western modernity because of its diverse history. How you can avoid Sushi when you are in Japan, it would be considered a sin by the Japanese if you will not taste it (just kidding). But you should try that and always consider Ramen to be your hunger breaker. If you really want to have a good time then you have to indulge yourself in Karaoke singing with your newly made friends over there.Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Japan

  1. Germany

There would hardly be a person who has never made plans to travel to Germany. It’s a very beautiful country to relax and allow yourself to get swept away by the tides of carnival celebrations. This country is mainly known for hosting fascinating carnivals which get decorated with vibrant colors, flamboyant costumes, dancers, street performers, and most importantly – marching bands. Once you start with the German food then it nearly impossible to stop yourself from filling up your belly. This country has a lot of street cafés to stop whenever you wish to fulfill your thirst for coffee. This isn’t enough, this country is full of small castles which are 20,000 in total. Paying a visit to Germany will be a worth trip forever as it has many great museums too to appreciate the artwork.

You must definitely checkout these places if you’re planning for your next solo travel or trip with your friends.

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