Top 33 Instagram Trending Reels and Viral Videos to Watch in 2024

Most Viral Instagram Reels and Videos of 2024


Trending Instagram reels and viral videos have always kept the netizens talking about the latest trends in the market. Instagram recently went down for just an hour and the another world was left baffled. Instagram reels and viral memes have become a daily part of our lives and it is almost impossible for the new generation to go even a single day without scrolling the Instagram feed.

Popular Instagram reels and videos have also helped a lot of people around the globe to earn an audience and ultimately showcase their talent. There is everything on Instagram reels and viral videos. From food suggestions, unseen things, bizzare challenges, underrated songs, fashion trends and much more. The Instagram feed of every user is curated according to their likes and interests and it has made people even more crazy about the app.

Viral Instagram Reels 2024

With Instagram one can watch the reels and viral videos from those genres which they like and appreciate. However, the highly individualised Instagram feed could also make you miss out on the most fascinating and popular Instagram reels. This article covers some of the viral Instagram reels and videos which may have missed your feed.

Instagram Reels and Viral Videos of 2024

1- Viral Instagram Reel Meme from the Anant Ambani Pre Wedding

2- Aman Gupta’s Viral Shark Tank Moment

3- Instagram Viral Car Reel Meme

4- Heartbreaking Viral Video on Instagram for 2023 World Cup Final Loss of India

5- India’s Viral Driving Instagram Reel

6- Viral Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma’s Instagram Video in 2024

7- Viral Funny Instagram Reel in 2024

8- Sunidhi Chauhan’s Viral Concert Instagram Reel

9- Usha Uthup’s Viral Cover of Miley Cyrus Flower in this Instagram Video

10- Viral Shark Tank Instagram Reels in 2024

11- Viral Stand-up Comedy Insta Reel

12- Relaxing Instagram Video that Viral in 2024

13- Viral Instagram Reel of Mohit Chauhan’s Singing

14- Shreya Ghoshal’s Viral Instagram Reel in 2024

15- Sachin Tendulkar and Munawar Faruqui’s Viral Instagram Video from ISPL

16- Sonu Nigam’s Viral 54 Voices for Tees Maar Khan

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17- Viral Monastery Kid Reel

18- Swimming Video that Went Viral on Instagram in 2024

19- Instagram Viral Video of Sunidhi Chauhan’s Performance

20- Viral Instagram Trend

21- Latest Viral Reel of Shark Tank India

22- Viral Work Meme Instagram Reel

23- Sanya Malhotra’s Viral Instagram Reels in 2024

24- Viral Shark Tank Reel

25- Funny Instagram Reels About Friends

26- Viral Instagram Video in Delhi Metro

27- Ellyse Perry’s Viral Video of Breaking the Car Glass

28- Viral Coder on Instagram

29- Diljeet and Kareena’s Viral Video from Jamnagar Celebrations on Instagram

30- Radhika Merchant’s Viral Instagram Reels of Doing Bhangra

31- John Cena Viral Instagram Reel

32- Shreya Ghoshal’s Viral Instagram Reel from the Sets of Indian Idol 2024

33- Sonu Nigam’s Viral Instagram Reel


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