Everything to Know About the Aarogya Setu App

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country while notifying citizens about the further situations and urged them to download the “Aarogya Setu” app as well.

While announcing the lockdown being extended to May 3, PM Modi brought down the country’s attention over to the app. 

Being a critical link in the fight against COVID-19, there are speculations that the app will act as an e-pass to facilitate travel from one place to another.

But what is the app that’s very much popular and gained rapid attention? Launched on April 1st, the Aarogya Setu app is developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services and determine individuals’ risk status against corona in order to fight against COVID-19.

The App is aimed at reaching out to and informing the users of the app regarding risks, best practices and relevant advisories about the containment of COVID-19. Amid all the data, how does the app work?

Based on the initiatives of the Government of India and the Department of Health, the app provides tracing information and travel history of individuals who are categorized into three sections: Quarantined/ Infected/ Suspected of being caught with COVID-19 virus.

The app uses your phone’s Bluetooth and location service to detect another person’s location who has been placed in the above three categories. The app runs in the background consistently, keeping yourself updated.

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Whenever a person comes in your proximity, the app alarms the user and notify them to maintain a proper distance. Also, the health authorities advise you to get yourself checked.

Also, there is an in-built feature that regulates true information about the pandemic in the country. Steps for precautions and state helpline numbers are provided on the homepage of the Aarogya Setu app. Additionally, it offers one self-assessment test for the user to take, which can be repeated through the app in case any symptoms are developed. 

As of now, the government of India holds every right to your details you enter while signing up. This is to track and manage the novel Coronavirus spread in the country.

Lastly, for the data-sharing clause, the application prevents disclosing names and phone numbers to the public at any time.

Just days after the app was launched, Google and Apple started their in-app development of an application that manages the data of the affectees throughout the world.

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) had also released a statement and praised the timely measures taken by the Indian government against the outbreak.

You can download the Aarogya Setu app from the Google Play Store for Android phones and the Apple App Store for the iPhones.

  • Android: 

Download Here Android Users

  • iOS: 

Download Here Apple Users

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