How to Recover WhatsApp Messages If Your Mobile Is Stolen


Flickonclick will provide you with the latest, and easiest methods for recovering your WhatsApp messages. If your phone is stolen or misplaced.

In today’s age, losing a mobile is a typical incident that virtually occurs every day for a multitude of reasons. Meeting a robber, inadvertently losing it by oneself, or other unforeseen circumstances are all possibilities. It is a disaster since vital data like as payment information, texts, WhatsApp messages, images, and more would be lost or exposed to the possibility of a leak. Before we go into how to recover WhatsApp messages from a lost mobile phone, there’s one further thing you should do immediately now.



That is, visit your phone company and disable your misplaced SIM card, which will not only stop other people from using it but will also serve as the foundation for recovering your WhatsApp conversations, images, and other data. If you backed existing WhatsApp talks utilizing Google Drive or iPhone iCloud before losing your device, you can recover your chats automatically. Furthermore,  we will explain how to recover WhatsApp messages from an Android smartphone or an iPhone. Continue reading.


Restore WhatsApp messages backup on Android devices:

Recover WhatsApp messages on Android phones

As previously stated, disabling the SIM card is a necessary prerequisite for recovering/restoring your WhatsApp messages. You can recover your WhatsApp account and data after retrieving your mobile number with a replacement SIM card by logging into WhatsApp on some other smartphone. Follow the instructions below to learn how to make it: Get a fresh Android smartphone and insert your SIM card with the same information you got from the service provider.


  • Download and install WhatsApp on your newly purchased android device.
  • Log in to WhatsApp on your current phone using the same mobile number.
  • When you sign in to WhatsApp, it will immediately search for backups in your Google Drive account and display a notification prompting you to recover all of your data.
  • When you join in to WhatsApp, it will immediately search for backups in your Google Drive account and display a notification prompting you to restore all of your files. Choose the backup file and press Restore.
  • Depending on the quantity of the conversations, it may take seconds to a few mins to recover all of your texts. Once they have been recovered, click the NEXT option and then continue the on-screen directions to refresh your WhatsApp profile.

 Restore WhatsApp messages on IOS devices

Recover WhatsApp messages on iPhone

Here are two ways for iPhone owners to recover WhatsApp messages. If you were using an iPhone and enabled iCloud syncing or backed up your stolen iPhone in iTunes, you can recover texts from that backup after purchasing a new iPhone. However, you must be aware that recovering from iCloud or iTunes will recover the complete iPhone and remove all existing information and settings.

Alternative 1:

Follow the steps below to recover lost WhatsApp messages and User data from iCloud to the latest iPhone:

  • Download and install WhatsApp on your newbie iPhone.
  • Log in to your Apple ID.
  • After providing the passcode, open WhatsApp and validate the mobile number.
  • You’ll see a screen labelled “Backup from iCloud” with the words “Restore Chat History” that you can tap.
  • To begin the recovery process, click Restore Chat History button



Alternative 2:

Check out the procedures below to recover lost WhatsApp messages and data from iTunes to the latest iPhone:

  • Attach your iPhone to the desktop using the USB connection that came with it.
  • Go to your desktop iTunes and open it.
  • Click the iPhone button and then choose Restore backup.
  • From multiple previous backups, choose the backup period prior to the loss of your iPhone.
  • To begin the restore process, select the “Restore” option.

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